How to Store Paintings Artwork Properly in Self Storage

How to Store Paintings Artwork Properly in Self Storage

So, you’re looking to store your valuable home décor or artwork for a short or long amount of time in a self storage unit, but do you know how to properly store it? How to store paintings? Well, it’s ok we’ll educate you on how to do this the right way the first time, so you can have it when you’re ready to put it back up in your home or office. Fortunately, you have several options when seeking self storage, and we suggest you choose the following options. Look for and choose a facility that has a good climate control level and you want an indoor storage facility with 24/7 security.

How To Store Paintings and Other Art in Self Storage – Best Practices

So, the question remains, how to store paintings and other art pieces properly to make sure they aren’t damaged while they’re being stored in self storage? We hope to tackle this question by offering some valued objectives for anyone who’s storing their paintings and other artwork in self storage.

Firstly, storing your artwork safely in self storage isn’t rocket science and you don’t need to be an expert on it to do it. Although, finding the right storage company is very important and some of the requirements for storing valuable paintings and other artwork properly are very important. It’s important to find a climate controlled in-door storage facility. Why? Because an out-door facility will expose your artwork to the elements and ruin it for good. A climate controlled facility will offer the ability to keep precious paintings and artwork at a standard temperature so you won’t need to worry about it being too hot or too cold. Leaving artwork exposed to changing temperatures could cause condensation in which could ruin the artwork entirely.

how to store paintings in a climate controlled in-door self storage facility

Storing Two-Dimensional Art Pieces in Self Storage

How to Store Paintings and Art Properly in Self Storage:

A big misconception in storing two-dimensional art like paintings, prints and photos is keeping them rolled up in tubes would be the best way to protect them. This is not true. While this may be a great way to transport art, it is not a great way to store it for long periods of time. Not to mention that is there were any moisture it could absorb into the cardboard further deteriorating the art and the cardboard tube.

Two Dimensional Art Storage

Two-dimensional art should be stored flat, mounted on matte board (although not permanently). The thickness of the matte board should keep the artwork from curling over time and developing a stiffness to the curl which could ruin the integrity of the art piece forever. Obviously heavier art pieces will require heavier and thicker matte boards. Once you mount the artwork, it’s good practice to cover the artwork with polyester film thick enough to avoid a puncture. However, you want to make sure it’s not attached to the artwork itself (this is what the matte board is for.) It’s good practice to tape it to the back of the matte board and fold it over the front of the matte board. The folded edges over the art piece should be the protection you’re looking for to preserve value. This practice also prevents damage from humidity.

Great Deals on Matte Board

If you have very delicate art pieces that can be easily smudged, a front frame may be a necessary element of the matte board allowing a front facing window with the sides protecting the polyester film from smudging the piece.

Seems tedious doesn’t it?

No. Not if you value the art. Once you have given a matte frame to the art work, it’s recommended that you place the matte board cover over the front face of the piece. This just gives it an added protection. Warning, keep the front covering matte board clipped on or attached like a hinge, so you can reveal the piece when you want to.

If you have smaller items like pictures post cards or stamps you can store them in (ACID FREE) cardboard boxes. You can find these at any local art store. All of this allows you easy access to the art pieces without the hassle of damaging them while attempting to view them. Especially, if you’re storing them in a small 5×5 or 5×10 storage locker.

utilizing your mini storage units space effectively this teady bear shows you how its done right
How to Store Paintings in Mini Storage can be a bit troubling, but if you follow our suggestions it will guarantee your paintings safety.

Storing Sculptures Properly in Self Storage

Now, three-dimensional art work like sculptures and statues will have their own individual needs. The biggest concern for these pieces is to make sure they are stored inside the storage locker with space between them so they don’t get crushed or dented. Depending on how fragile the sculpture is will be the determining factor on how safely you can store the item. We suggest putting the item(s) on shelves to avoid a cluster. Plastic or steel shelving is pretty easy to come by and could be purchased at any major brand hardware store for very little cost. Another good practice for storing sculptures is wrapping them within Styrofoam or within Styrofoam peanuts inside of a box.

Obviously, this may seem tedious or even expensive, but if you value these items it’s important that you follow the suggestions. At Safe & Secure Self Storage we want you to have a great experience and obviously we want your stuff to be safe while you’re storing items with us. Please feel free to read through other material on our blog to educate yourself on how to store items properly.

What You Need To Know About Packing and Moving Supplies

What You Need To Know About Packing and Moving Supplies

Knowing How to Use Packing and Moving Supplies Properly

It happens all the time, you make a decision to up and move cross country and then realize you’ve waited till the last minute to plan out the packing and moving supplies to move your stuff without it getting damaged in the process.

Having the correct supplies for a move couldn’t be more important, because it means the difference between your personal items coming out of storage the same way they came in. Safe & Secure offers boxes, packing and moving supplies and we’ve also provided helpful information on packing a storage unit properly and how to pack fragile items. Storage facilities typically offer packaging and moving supplies. However, they’re not there to educate you on how to store items properly within the boxes using bubble wrap for fragile items.

The Bottom Line…

You can’t store your items in garbage bags and expect to get them back the same way you stored them. Garbage bags can cause condensation and crush its contents. In order to protect your valued items, you’ll definitely need to properly pack them for moving and storage if necessary.

The Proper Usage of Boxes for Packing and Moving Supplies

Boxes and Filling Materials:

The cost of packing and moving supplies is peanuts in comparison to how they will protect your valued items being loaded on the back of a truck or in a storage unit. Safe & Secure self storage has several sized boxes available at their Bergen County location in Garfield, NJ. The focus here is the how and why you need to use packing tape, bubble wrap, peanuts and boxes properly. Using smaller boxes for heavier items is the safest way to pack and store. The reason you put the heavier items in smaller boxes for loading on the moving truck or self storage unit is when you go to lift it, it’s light, but also it’s less top heavy when being stored on something else. The extra large boxes are great for storing light items, like blankets, pillows, wardrobe, drapes and much more. You can align the smaller boxes with the heavier items on the floor and stack the bigger and lighter boxes on top of them. If you’re storing documents, it may be best to use file boxes or something that will preserve the integrity of each page. We cannot express enough how important it is to store your items using peanuts, newspaper and bubble wrap for extra cushion and security.

packing and moving supplies boxes and packing tape for use while at Safe & Secure Self Storage in Garfield New Jersey

Using Mattress and Furniture Covers

Bedding and furniture items are the easiest target for mold from condensation, especially if stored for a long time. In the old days people would store mattresses with covers hanging from the rafters with mattress covers. Mattresses and furniture should always be stored with covers on them. There are several sources for mattress covers and other items and luckily with Amazon, next day delivery is always available. During your packing and storage process whether it be in a moving truck or a storage unit, cover wood and leather furniture with the proper sized furniture covers. If you don’t have time to grab some use old linens to protect them. Remember, using plastic on wood and other furniture could cause condensation.

Using Various Miscellaneous Supplies

Several storage companies, including Safe & Secure offer various packing items. Rope and other items to tie down your items during the move are typically available at a moving and storage facility. Packing tape is always available at storage facility’s. If you want some kind of order to your storage experience, use an inventory list to document boxes and items within them. Seal each box that you put into your storage unit to avoid dust accumulating on the boxes contents. It’s best to bring some screw drivers and a box cutter to have the ability to disassemble furniture and cut open boxes.


If you follow these guidelines, it will save you from having to worry about your items while in long distance transit or long term storage. Many people in the middle of a move wind up not having a great experience and the same goes for storage, but if you pack items properly using the correct protection this give you added assurance.

10 Self Storage Top Customer Complaints 2018 Review

10 Self Storage Top Customer Complaints 2018 Review

10 of the Self Storage Top Customer Complaints

It would just be splendid if you were to open a self-storage company, everything ran smoothly, and we never heard any complaints from any customers, right? Unfortunately, we’re dealing with human beings, not robotic beings. It’s only natural for any business that someone, someday will complain. So here are the self storage top customer complaints.

Firstly, how do you handle the self storage top consumer complaints? If an unhappy customer arrives, follow the steps illustrated below. More importantly, write these items down or print them out on a piece of paper and pin/tape them to the front desk!

  1. Stop what you’re doing and be sure to look that person in the eyes. This shows that you’re attentive and care.
  2. The moment that they convey complaints, acknowledge their issue, apologize for the issue and request a means of helping the valued customer.
  3. Make sure you listen intently to what they have to say.
  4. DO NOT interrupt them, let them finish what they have to say.
  5. Issue another apology, then explain how you will solve it, if possible.

self storage top customer complaints

The above process can take 5-10 seconds or 15 minutes. Regardless of the time, remember that your job and the company success depend on quality customer service! There are several companies out there the only difference between you and them is how you treat your customers and your surrounding environment. The following will help you avoid encountering the self storage top customer complaints.

Let’s take a look at each:

10 of the top complaints issued by self storage customers

1. Being attentive to customers

Absolutely no one likes to be ignored, especially if they feel they’ve been wronged in some way. If you continue to keep your head burrowed into the computer screen, it will cause an even bigger issue than before. Direct eye contact is the only way to acknowledge you’re listening. Show sympathy, even if you haven’t any.

2. Acknowledge, then apologize and help

Firstly, you want to apologize. It’s helpful to say, “we’re very sorry you’re so upset. What can we do to help you?” this will defuse the conflict brewing. Many customers with complaints just want an ear to express their issues to someone that will care. ALWAYS remain calm, don’t let them make you angry.

3. Listen Intently

It’s very hard to listen to someone when they’re screaming at you. Listen to what they’re saying. Observe their body language. Is the breakdown the customer is having “the end all be all of issues” , or is this a real issue that needs to be addressed? Listening to the complaint helps you determine a solution if there is one.

4. Do not interrupt

If you don’t let the customer finish before jumping in, you’re adding kindle to the fire and adding to the turmoil brewing. Use the time you’re listening to formulate an answer or solution. Using terms like, “Oh My” or “Oh No” will validate their feelings. It’s always easier to give an explanation to someone who feels like they have had their side heard first.

5. Take swift action

When the customer is finished addressing their issue, apologize again. A simple “I am so sorry this happened” will do just fine. Explain to them how you intend to solve the issue. Regardless if they’ve caused the difficulty, (rent overdue, can’t get in gate, etc.) you can address the solution and be helpful to them in their time of need.

Always remain calm and don’t argue! Fighting with a customer is a can’t-win situation. They’ll leave in a fury and tell everyone they know not to use your company. Attempt to resolve their issue before they leave.

10 self storage top customer complaintsWhat are the ten self storage top customer complaints?

  1. My Gate Code Doesn’t Work:

Typically, the fault lay with the customer for forgetting their code, late on rent or misplacing their card. Educating the customer upon lease execution as to the steps and procedures if a payment is missed, is your best bet. During the lease process, teach them how to punch in the code for access and explain the details behind your late payment policies. When a tenant has forgotten their code or key, it’s important to ask for ID before helping them, this insures security over ones’ unit. Allowing a client to see that you’re protecting their unit give them a sense of ease and a feeling of protection.

If they’re entering the code incorrectly, demonstrate the correct way to punch in the code. Don’t use a speaker system if it can be avoided, go to the gate to greet them. Always be pleasant, don’t express frustration because they’re having trouble with a simple task.

If a customer’s rent is delinquent, explain in a pleasant mannor that they may not have realized their rent hasn’t been paid. Do not chastise or reprimand. In many cases it’s just an honest mistake.

  1. Late and Miscellaneous Fees:

Throughout the lease process, be sure to explain how fees are assessed. Make eye contact; make sure the customer is paying attention and understands the policies implemented by your establishment. Sometimes offering a one time “late fee waiver” will help them feel more comfortable. Clarifying and defining all miscellaneous charges at leasing can help you avoid misunderstandings in the future. Request initialing of the fee policy on the contract to acknowledge they understand the late fees, policy’s and procedures, if one was to be late with a payment.

  1. The Collections and Auction Process:

Many customers have claimed that they never knew about the collections/auctions policy and weren’t notified. Education is paramount; while processing the lease, explain the policy’s regarding fees, collections and auctions clearly. Presenting the signed lease with signature and initials will most likely help them settle down. This helps them accept responsibility and avoid an angry rant.

  1. Vacate Notifications and Refunds:

Many facilities require move out notices and don’t give refunds. Due to most leases being month-to-month, refunds for partial months aren’t really feasible. According to Stamping or writing “NO REFUNDS” on the lease, putting a copy of a move out notice in the lease package and explaining policy may help, but in most instances, people just forget. All you can do is to reiterate the rules.


  1. Your Climate Control Isn’t Cold Enough

Most people think that climate controlled storage units should be air-conditioned and heated like that of a home or office building is controlled. Truth be told, grandma’s old liquor cabinet doesn’t need to be 71 degrees at all times. Climate-control exists primarily to regulate humidity and maintain a consistent temperature. Customers will typically accept this explanation. Always explain the temperature policy at leasing.

  1. Access to the Unit

There are usually two issues that arise from unit access times, the first is access hours. In many cases, hours are regulated for the security of the people and their belongings. Storage unit access hours can sometimes be governed by government or by the owner or property manager. If a customer requests 24 hour access, define the policy and/or adjust hours for the customer for a surcharge.

The second issue usually has to do with a person or persons not listed on the lease agreement not getting access. Call the tenant immediately and ask if the person is permitted access. Make a note on the rental unit file to request update authorized access permissions. Authorizing access without approval can open the door to liability.

  1. Requesting Electric in Units:

The majority of storage facilities will not provide electrical outlets in the units. In most cases, it will be commercial tenants that require electricity. Find out the person’s needs; if the customer mows lawns or uses other electrically powered equipment, ask if they need access to electric and water. Upon showing them the unit, show them where the electrical outlets are and consider a surcharge if they intend on using the electricity a lot.

  1. Prices are way too high!

In the market of older worn-down facilities, price could be an issue. Newer storage facilities with more amenities will justify a higher price. Distinguish the customers’ needs and present the property in a manner that meets their needs the best you can. NEVER Criticize the competition!!! The manager makes the difference by making the customer comfortable with you through rapport building. A couple dollars over the competition won’t matter if you have all of your ducks in a row with customer service.

  1. Invoicing is very important

Many self-storage operators don’t invoice every customer. If you do invoice, charge a small fee; invoicing requires time and money. Address this topic during the lease process and also consider invoicing habitually late customers at no addition fee.

  1. Actual Unit Size isn’t what it says it is…

We love this complaint. If a person actually measures a unit, they will most likely find other grievances. Units are always approximated and should be listed as such on your lease agreement and your website. Your answer should be that all sizes are listed as approximate and the pricing stands. Many customers look at this as a loophole to request discount or they’ll threaten to move out. Let them.

If you’re catching an earful about the facility being dirty, doors or elevators not working, or lights are out, this is a maintenance issue and can easily be avoided by making sure the crew is keeping up on it. Customer feedback is the only measuring tool we can use to gage how the customer feels about our services. Offer the opportunity to fill out a brief survey.

22 Tips for Organizing A Storage Unit

22 Tips for Organizing A Storage Unit

22 Tips for Organizing A Storage Unit Properly

Storing your items in a storage unit is actually an art form in many ways. Anytime your store your items in self-storage, it’s very similar to solving a geometry equation. If you don’t store your items properly it could result in underused space and higher costs, this is why organizing a storage unit properly is very important. Many, stack items on top of one another, but fail to realize that if they don’t stack them correctly, items can topple and crush other items. This brings to light, the fact that people need to know how to properly organize their storage units.

Knowing how to organize your storage locker will also help you during the time of your storage experience to access frequently used items without having to search through the storage locker and clutter things up. Safe & Secure Self Storage decided to educate you the reader on how to save space, time and money by organizing a storage unit properly when you store your goods with us.


Without Further ado…


Here’s 22 Tips on Organizing A Storage Unit


12 Tips for Packaging Boxes Correctly

1. Organizing: Before boxing your things, make a list and assign each room that your packing to groups of boxes, then sub label them to identify what’s in them. Make sure you have the label clearly marked on the box, so you can see it when searching for it in your storage locker.

As you’re making the list, it’s good to note the estimated value of the items inside, this helps you gauge the value of the items in your storage unit for insurance that most companies make you purchase when storing with them.

2. Don’t use more than two different sizes of boxes: This allows you to stack boxes on top of one another much easier. If you watch “Storage Wars” or have ever been to a storage auction, then you’ve seen what stacking big boxes on little boxes can do. It’s important to stack smaller boxes on top of bigger boxes and to make sure that the bottom box is sturdy enough to hold any boxes on top of it.

3. Avoid dust: Make sure you put all items in boxes to avoid dust and mildew.

4. Don’t waste space: Make a good attempt to fill every box, but don’t pack a lot of heavy materials in one box. This will allow you to conserve space and avoid pulling your back out, moving it. When packing the bigger boxes, pack the heavier items first, then fill the rest with the lighter items to assure maximum space usage.

make a checklist for everything you're storing in self storage. These are just a few ways of organizing a storage units

5. Don’t Use Plastic Bags: Storing items in sealed plastic backs could seem like it’s safe, but it’s not. Storing stuff like cloths in plastic bags and other fabrics could potentially spell disaster due to mildew.

6. Pack Books Wisely: If you have a lot of books that need to be stored, store them properly. Using smaller boxes will assure you can move them easily and that they’re not being crushed by other books. Store books on their sides to assure there is no spine damage to the books while in storage.

7. Avoid a water mess: You usually only have to worry about this in an out-door storage unit, but if you’re storing in an out-door storage unit, it’s best to listen. Freezers and refrigerators should be completely de-thawed before being stored in a storage unit. Drain your washing machines completely. Then, make sure that your valuables aren’t on the floor. Lastly, ask the storage company if there have ever been any problems with flooding, especially if the storage company is located in a flood zone or close to water level.

8. Storing Fragile Items Properly: We covered this here in-depth, but to further the discussion, packing breakables in bubble wrap and tape padding onto pictures, to assure maximum safety.

9. Wardrobe Boxes are the best: When packing cloths, we suggest using wardrobe boxes where you can. You can hang the cloths inside to ensure their shape stays the same.

10. Make use of old towels and sheets: When wrapping your stuff, use old cloths and not plastic.

11. Storing Tools and Equipment Safely: When preparing metal equipment for storage, you must drain the fuel completely. (In many cases this is requested by insurance.) Giving the tools a rubdown with oil will keep them from rusting.

12. Use packing tape to seal boxes: Sealing your boxes with packing tape will help ward off dust and mold.

a picture of a cluttered storage unit. organizing a storage unit properly is very important.

DON’T LEAVE YOUR UNIT LIKE THIS! Organize a storage unit properly to avoid headaches later on.

10 Tips for Organizing A Storage Unit After Boxing is Done

1. Planning ahead: Making a plan of how you’re going to be inserting the boxes into your unit before you get started with the loading of your items will save you a lot of time in the long run.

2. Using pallets on the ground: Before loading your boxes, you may want to arrange raised pallets according to the plan you develop. This will prevent rats, ants and silverfish from building a home in the bottom of your boxes. (This usually only applies to outdoor storage.)

3. Avoiding Mildew: Don’t store wet items because wet items can cause mildew, mold and water damage.

4. Using shelves for storage: If you have shelves available, you may want to think about using them for your “storage plan.” Using shelves to store smaller items and the items you may need access to on a regular basis are a smart idea.

5. Smart Storage: Store mirrors and frames on their sides and never flat. This avoids them being crushed. It’s also good practice to wrap them in blankets.

6. Storing for best access: It’s always best to stack boxes in such a way that they can be readily accessible. If you can, make an aisle that will help you move through your storage unit to find items you’ll need throughout your storage lease.

7. Keeping the important stuff in the front: Placing boxes that contain items you may need later are best suited in areas easy to access.

8. Dismantling furniture to save space: For example, storing a table or chairs with detachable legs disassembled is the best way to maximize space. Use drawers to store small items as well. We covered this here.

organizing a storage unit effectively

9. Conserving Space: Use hollow areas of the furniture to store small items to make your unit appear less cluttered and your important items easier to find.

10. Avoid infestation: Use moisture absorbers, mothballs, and rodent bait within your unit to assure the maximum safety of your stuff.

Selecting a Safe & Secure Storage Unit for Organizing a Storage Unit Properly

One of the more important decisions is choosing the right storage facility and making sure it’s going to meet your needs. Safe & Secure Self Storage has several thousand units for anyone looking for self storage in New York City or New Jersey.

Practicing the fundamentals we have described above will assure your stuff is stored correctly, easy to access and safe for its stay and years to come.

When Should You Choose Climate Controlled Storage?

When Should You Choose Climate Controlled Storage?

What is Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate controlled storage is a storage type that provides regulated temperatures for storage units holding people’s items. The average temperature in a climate-controlled storage unit varies from about 75-85 degrees. The variances depend on the weather outside, warmer in the cold and cooler in the when it’s hot outside.

Climate control protects items from being ruined in the elements. For Instance, if you’re storing plastic and the heat exceeds 101-105, the heat has potential to melt your plastics or effect your furniture. In other words, climate control storage services protect your items and below are some of the items you may want to make sure are stored in a climate controlled environment.

What many newcomers to self-storage don’t realize is, many everyday items are at risk if they don’t store them in a climate controlled storage environment.

What Should Be Stored in A Climate Controlled Unit?

Although climate controlled units are great for all storable items, it may not be required for all of them. The question is, “what items should be stored in units with climate control?”

If you’re looking for extra storage space should you consider climate control storage?

climate controlled storage services in bergen county

What is the difference between climate controlled and non-climate-controlled storage units?

  • Climate control units are often a bit more expensive than traditional units.
  • Most climate controlled storage companies are located in-doors. Indoor storage facility’s keep the storage units themselves away from the effects of
    climate controlled storage near garfield new jersey

    Do you think your items would survive in this environment? This is why Safe & Secure offers climate controlled storage services to the northern New Jersey and Manhattan area.

    water damage from rain and snow, sleet and hale as well as extreme heat.

  • Mold and Mildew are often not an issue with climate-controlled units.
  • Most storage facility’s that offer climate control are much cleaner then those that are outdoors.
  • If the storage complex exists in a region that has various seasons, you should consider upgrading to climate control. Safe & Secure Self-Storage offers climate controlled storage units for rent.
  • If you’re looking for a specific temperature to store your items in, it’s best to call the storage facility first to find out whether they can meet your needs.

What Items Should Be Stored in A Climate Controlled Environment?

  • One-of-a-kind Items that are irreplaceable
  • Wooden Furniture that can warp or crack
  • Items containing leather
  • Paper Documents and highly valued books
  • Family heirlooms and
  • Items that are valuable or one of a kind
  • Wood furniture that can crack or warp
  • Leather furniture
  • Books or important paper documents
  • Aantique’s or family heirlooms
  • Musical instruments that can be damaged by changes in temperatures or humidity
  • Paintings or photographs
  • Clothing such as fur or leather

Ultimately, the choice is up to you, but if you’re storing items that mean a lot to you, climate control storage is the best option. Many customers that choose Safe & Secure Self Storage, find that they prefer climate control over the traditional storage services. We advise that you look into how extreme varying temperatures will affect the items you want to store.

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No one does it better than Safe & Secure Self Storage Garfield. Our mini storage facility is well cared for so that you can come and go with ease. Enjoy convenient facility features, including digital surveillance system. We make self-storage more accessible to the surrounding area. We have several different storage types and sizes to choose from.

Packing Fragile Items Properly in Self Storage Units

Packing Fragile Items Properly in Self Storage Units

Storing and Packing Fragile Items Properly

There’s no doubt that you have to put a little more attention into packing fragile items properly in self storage. If fragile items aren’t carefully placed into a car or truck, they’ll most likely break. Of course, moving is a very stressful event, but it doesn’t have to be if done right. The last thing you want to do is open up your boxes after you’ve relocated to New York or New Jersey and find out you’ve got a lot of broken items. Safe & Secure Self Storage has a few tips to store your fragile items properly.

Self Storage Tips: Storing Fragile Items Properly

Using Heavy-Duty Plastic Containers

When it comes to the storage of fragile items, you may want to take a pass on the boxes. It’s going to be more beneficial to pack your fragile items in plastic containers. Our first reason behind this is the handles often associated with plastic bins make them easier to move around without fear of dropping them while loading them into a self storage unit. Our second reason behind suggesting plastic bins for fragile goods are their stack ability. You can easily stack plastic bins one on top of another, which saves a lot of space. Additionally, you can always leave the larger heavier containers on the bottom making it even easier to load or unload.

packing fragile items properly in self storage

Using Lots of Bubble Wrap

Many people decide to pack glasses and other fragile items in bubble wrap, but we would suggest avoiding the usage of paper and rely on bubble wrap instead. Foam peanuts and bubble wrap are definitely the best sources of cushion for your fragile goods. When you’re using plastic bins with bubble wrap and foam peanuts, your items will most likely arrive at their destination with no issues and definitely won’t bust while sitting inside a storage unit.

Choose Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Aside from packing fragile items properly, where you store them is also important. Storing fragile items like glass and dishes or other fragile items in a non-climate-controlled storage unit will most likely result in broken items, due to the fluctuation of temperature. If you’re looking for the most safe and secure way to store your fragile items, choose climate-controlled storage units to store fragile items. Extreme heat and cold can devastate documents being stored like glass, electronics and several other items. When storing fragile items in a unit be sure to keep them close to the ground so they don’t break in the case of an accidental tip over.

Self Storage Tips for Packing Fragile Items Properly

Ultimately, taking the time to pack your fragile items the right way will give you some additional comfort in knowing that they are safe and won’t break while in storage. Using a climate controlled storage unit will also add to some comfort and ease knowing that they will not fall victim to the elements. Safe & Secure Self Storage offers climate-controlled storage for the residents of Bergen, Essex, Hudson and Passaic County’s. Give Us a call below!

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No one does it better than Safe & Secure Self Storage Garfield. Our mini storage facility is well cared for so that you can come and go with ease. Enjoy convenient facility features, including digital surveillance system. We make self-storage more accessible to the surrounding area. We have several different storage types and sizes to choose from.

10 Great Ways To Market Self Storage In 2018

10 Great Ways To Market Self Storage In 2018

Proven Ways to Market Self-Storage in 2018

Self-Storage companies have been amassing a lot of property to lease out empty space for storage, and many show interest in being part of the movement, but some find the terrain very hard to manage due to a lack of knowledge about self-storage marketing. So, here are 10 great ways to market self storage if you’re a new owner on a low budget.

For instance, what steps can you take to make sure your business is appearing for people looking for your services within your surrounding area? How much money will you have to invest into adverting and marketing? So, we’re going to attempt to teach you how to market your storage company and help you stay afloat.

It all starts with the value you provide to customers and the quality of your facility and staff. Several different facets come to mind when describing superlatives that carry a lot of weight regarding your company.

Awesome Ways to Market Self Storage – Build a Foundation

Location: Location is key. For an example, Safe & Secure Self Storage is located within a very short driving distance from NYC. The storage rental rates in New York are around double what we charge, so this offers a value incentive to those frequenting self storage facilities in Manhattan mainly, to save half the money they would spend on storage by just traveling a little further.

Facility Cleanliness: No one wants to store their belongings in a messy unclean storage facility. Remember you’re leasing out empty space, the least you could do is make sure it’s clean.

Customer Service: At Safe & Secure we take customer service very seriously, which is why we get several great reviews on several different sites listing our business. It’s important that you practice the same thing, because it creates more “noise” on the internet showing your company in a positive light. This, in-turn makes for a great signal your company has a higher trust level to the average analytical consumer.

Now that we’ve wrapped up the fundamental of maintaining clients and also appealing to them, below we’ll list several proven ways to attract them through various forms of advertising tactics.

10 great ways to market self storage image shows a five star rating

10 Great Ways To Market Self Storage in 2018

Here are 10 Great Ways to Market Self Storage When You’re New in the Business

     1. Leveraging Social Media

Don’t buy likes or follows as it will deter you from really seeing if your social media marketing is working. Network with company’s and customers alike address customer issues and resolve them all make for a perfect combination on social media. The leading customer acquision company addresses this all too well with 10,000 Plus followers and aggressive lead generation campaigns, but what if you’re just a one man show, can you do the same? Yes. The idea is to focus your campaigns on your local region and advertise specials as well as run games offering free gift cards. Now-a-days people on social media can leverage their profiles to learn about the best deals possible. Offering a free month for an average length of lease within 6-9 months is a no brainer. People love deals, give them too them. Check This Link to Social Media Marketing on YouTube

     2. Run Contests with Your Current and Past Clients

Your customers and potential customers are your businesses lifeline. Treat them how you would want to be treated as a consumer. Running regular contests will help you keep them involved with your company and also let them know you care about them. Offering a free Starbucks or Duncan donuts gift card for participation in a game it one of the best ways to keep their attention and loyalty. For Example: Duncan Donuts used to be the leading coffee company in the United States, but once Starbucks opened up and started taking up ground it took a large portion of their market share. However, once a year Duncan offers “Free Coffee Day” which in turn brings a lot of those new Starbucks customers back to their home of Duncan.


Bottom Line…


People like to be involved, but they also like incentive, Give them what they want and they’ll give you what you want, business.

     3. Reach Out to Local Movers

It’s no secret that the moving industry and the storage industry converge in several areas. Having one of your employees reach out to the local moving company’s in the area to build rapport with them is without a doubt a great idea. Some long-distance movers need to store stuff until their ready for the trek across the country. Offer them incentive to use your storage facility instead of the next guys.

     4. Make Upgrades as Your Business Grows

Safe & Secure has a lot of property on their grounds and as we got older some things in the industry started changing, so we started to change with it. If you’re an out-door storage facility, see if you can get some temperature control or install a very advanced security system or even a fence to keep the un-welcomed guests from venturing in the property. If you offer the services people are looking for, people will want to use your services over anyone else, especially if you’re located in a very convenient location. Safe & Secure received a lot of requests for drive-up units and we only had a few because that majority of our units are indoor units. So we invested on installing outdoor drive up units to suffice our customer base.

     5. Partnering with Affiliates

Creating affiliate relationships with Real-Estate Agents, Property Managers and other members of industries that frequent self storage is always good for a few leads per year, but this is business and many are in it for the incentive, so make sure you compensate them for their loyalty.

     6. Loyalty Programs are a Great Way To Market Self Storage

Customers love a good referral program, especially when it offers free stuff and bonuses for their loyalty. Reward customers for their reviews and or patronage, by giving them a discount or some form of savings.

     7. Educate Customers About Your Services

It’s not easy to convey all of the different services your business has to offer, but it becomes easier when you can display it on your website or business listing in an easy to understand fashion. For Example: Our Google business listing is just a listing until I fill it with information about our services which in turn tells google to display it if the persons query matches what our services describe and we’re in the area we’re searching. Our analytics show that after properly filling out and uploading information to our Google Business listing, the views of our business listing went up by 5000% (that’s not an exaggeration). We exceed our local competitors by 100%. Today’s the day of information technology, people want information and accurate information at that. Give them what they want.

reward programs for self storage customers are just one great way to market self storage in 2018

86 percent of consumers believe these programs are worth the effort they put into them to achieve a particular reward, and 83 percent say they are more likely to continue doing business with certain companies because of their loyalty programs. According to:

     8. Get Involved with Local College’s

Several college students travel home for summer break but may not want to haul all of their stuff home too. Reach out to local college guidance counselors and tell them that you have special student discounts for their students. Be persistent in showing that you’re very interested in catering to their students. They will refer and if you’re located in a college town it’s a very good thing.  Creating a game or a competition for the local students, maybe a competition to fit a bunch of things properly into a storage unit or designing a storage unit and offer them something in return. This will create some good press and show that you’re interested in the youth of the community.

     9. Co-Op Marketing for Self-Storage

Many businesses want to advertise on Google but may not have the budget or the knowhow. However, maybe you have both and are looking for a place to send customers who’s needs you can’t meet. Negotiate a deal to share leads and share the budget with local businesses similar to yours. This allows you to have a budget to compete with the “Big Guy’s” on Google and Bing. Also reaching out to local businesses to layout your flyers is another great way of getting more business too.

     10. Using Groupon in a Wise Fashion.

Without a doubt Groupon can drive a lot of traffic. However, many advertisers on Groupon don’t stay on Groupon because they don’t know how to package their deals wisely. There’s no point to using a service that will make you lose money after spending. Advertising is about ROI. So come up with a package that offers good incentive, but doesn’t make you lose money in the process. For Example: Don’t offer 6 months free when they pay for one month. This may seem obvious, but not to those who don’t advertise again on Groupon. Offering a free month when they sign up for the first month is the best way to go. However, you may want to take into account the average length of stay for your customers before you do this.


Well… This Concludes The 10 Great Ways To Market Self Storage in 2018

All-in-all there are undoubtedly more ways to acquire more customers. It’s up to you to do the research and evaluate different strategies through trial and error. If your going to take a shot with a certain form of marketing you have never had experience, don’t go “all in.” Test the waters first see if it’s successful then gauge whether it’s worth doing it on a continuous basis. Once you find a process that works, allocate a percentage of the budget towards that one process, then use some of the rest to try some other new things. Be frugal until you know it works.

First Timer To Self Storage? Some Things to Consider Before You Rent a Storage Unit

First Timer To Self Storage? Some Things to Consider Before You Rent a Storage Unit

Storing Items Properly When You Rent a Storage Unit

If you’re moving, it can be tough and mentally draining. To assist in reducing the headache, many people moving across country decide to rent a storage unit to keep all of their belongings in. Additionally, this seems to be very common for people remodeling their home. The quick tips outlined below will help readers who don’t have experience-using self-storage.

Storing Beds and Couches Properly

Furniture coverings are very important when storing inside of a self storage facility. Furniture coverings protect from dust and mildew. Typically, larger furniture covers or bags can be purchased at your local self storage company. Another thing you want to watch out for when storing your furniture is the item positioning. You don’t want to store things too close to one another. It’s important to note that storing things on top of one another, over time, can cause color transference.

What Do You Do with Tables, Dressers and Chairs?

If chairs or tables aren’t easily disassembled, place a moving blanket on the floor and store your tables or chairs upside down with the legs facing up. If your chairs and tables do happen to disassemble, you should wrap each piece in plastic or bubble wrap, this prevents damage. When moving dressers into a storage unit, you can use drawers for some of your fragile items. However, we only suggest putting fragile items into your dresser drawers if you can wrap or lock your dresser drawers closed.

Make sure you use lots of bubble wrap and plastic wrap to secure the corners of every piece of furniture. Using cotton and canvas tarps help to avoid dust on the furniture. It’s important to note that using cotton or canvas coverings also help with airflow and keep saturation/condensation out of your items. Using pallets in the unit to raise the furniture off the ground is also a great idea especially in external storage types. This helps you avoid moisture and mildew too. However, a tarp on the ground will also help you avoid moisture as well.

rent a storage unit

Want to rent a storage unit? These are things you need to know when you’re looking into renting one.

More About General Storage, Lamps, T.V.’s and Other Items

It’s very important to be careful with large screen TV’s and computer towers and monitors. Temperature controlled storage units are typically the best option to protect items like electronics. Extreme temperature fluctuations can cause major issues with electronics and render them useless.

When packing up lamps, wrap them in bubble wrap or in blankets to assure their safekeeping. Place the lamp covers in bubble wrap or cotton and then put them in boxes for the best keeping practice.

Planning your move or storage event is very important when you rent a storage unit. Researching how much space you’ll actually need is very important. Renting more space then you need. This can lead to wasted dollars. There are storage calculators (here) that can guide you in the decision making process of picking which sized unit you’ll need.

If you’re looking into moving or storing at a self storage company, there are three suggestions we have for you:

  • Do you research on the size you’ll need, you can always upgrade later.
  • Research the facility and check out their reviews.
  • Pack smart, don’t just lackadaisically throw stuff in your unit.

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No one does it better than Safe & Secure Self Storage Garfield. Our mini storage facility is well cared for so that you can come and go with ease. Enjoy convenient facility features, including digital surveillance system. We make self-storage more accessible to the surrounding area. We have several different storage types and sizes to choose from.

How To Use Mini Storage Units

How To Use Mini Storage Units

Using Mini Storage Units for Storing The Important Stuff

There are times when one just requires more space and thus they end up renting mini storage units. When using a storage unit one should put several factors into consideration. One of them is wrapping whatever can be wrapped. That helps in ensuring that everything is well sealed and thus they will not end up collecting dirt or even dust.

A small lock is also important when one is using mini storage units. Most of the units invest in security. However, a lock is important since the security attendants might not be paying attention at all times. Having a padlock, therefore, helps in ensuring that the items in the storage unit are well protected.

Labeling is important when using mini storage units even when one is aware of what exactly is in the storage unit. That greatly helps in ensuring that one will not have to struggle opening random boxes when looking for a certain item. Labeling also helps in ensuring that one is able to handle all the items with the care that they require.

utilizing your mini storage units space effectively this teady bear shows you how its done right

Utilizing Mini Storage Units Space

Temperature changes plans should also be made when a storage unit is being used. Some items are greatly affected by heat or even cold. Therefore, one should well insulate the items or even double insulate them to ensure that they are safe from weather changes. That, therefore, helps in protecting the items from damage that is caused by weather change.

The space provided should also be well protected. Many are the times when individuals only focus on protecting their items and they end up damaging the units. However, one should always ensure that they handle the unit appropriately and not damage it at all. That greatly helps in ensuring that one does not end up being fined for damages at the end of their tenancy.

Proper management of the mini storage units and the available space is also a factor that one should always consider. That is because even the spaces that are considered to be small can end up holding a lot of items. Therefore, one should ensure that all the items are arranged in a manner that is wise and the items can go up to the ceiling if necessary. Proper management of the mini storage space helps in ensuring that everything is arranged in order despite the fact that the space is considered to be small.

It is important to ensure that the items are kept off the floor. Many people consider this to be silly but it is a very important factor. That is because there can be spills that might come from the neighboring units or the melting snow might also end up coming under the door thus damaging the items that are in the storage room. Therefore, one should prevent that by ensuring that the items are not placed on the floor.

Considering the factors stated above helps in ensuring that the mini storage units are well used and that they are protected from any damage. It also helps in ensuring that the items in the units are well protected.

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.99 for First Month or Second Month Free!

No one does it better than Safe & Secure Self Storage Garfield. Our mini storage facility is well cared for so that you can come and go with ease. Enjoy convenient facility features, including digital surveillance system. We make self-storage more accessible to the surrounding area. We have several different storage types and sizes to choose from.

The MOST Popular Storage Sizes for Students | Storage for Students New York

The MOST Popular Storage Sizes for Students | Storage for Students New York

Storage for Students New York & New Jersey

Safe and Secure Self Storage in Garfield New Jersey has several college’s around us like Passaic County Community College, Berkeley College, The American Institute and Jersey College. Many parents are in search for storage for students New York and New Jersey prior to their summer breaks when they come home. We want the college students around us to know that we support them while they’re in the midst of their studies. So, we decided to write up an expose on the most popular storage sizes for college students.

After a poll taken by some of our staff asking 100 college students what kind of storage they used we found that 5’x5’ were favored by 30% and 5’x10’ units are favored by 26% and our 5’x15’ storage units for rent were favored by 19% with the other 25% of students saying they didn’t require storage yet…

5’x5’ and 5’x10’ storage units are the most popular among college students.

storage for students new york

Safe & Secure provides storage for students New York and New Jersey

I mean let’s be honest the standard contents of a dorm room are a desk, a desk chair, maybe a TV, bookcase, a twin bed and other belongings. However, lugging that back and forth from school to home in-between semesters is quite a task. This is why college students favor our 5’x5’ storage units. Presumably, the average college student who comes to us from Berkeley College or Passaic County Community College don’t have much more than the contents above, a 5’x5’ storage unit should be a perfect fit.

Alternatively, when we interviewed a student from Jersey College he said, “I have my own room at my frat house and need my 5’x10’ when I am going home for the summer to fit my queen mattress and bed frame as well as additional furniture and my beer pong table.” This also co-aligned with what some others told us, which was that they have much more than the contents of a typical dorm room. Many that come to Jersey College or Berkeley College, come from out of state for the primary focuses of education provided by those colleges. Storage for students in NYC can be tough, especially when it comes to cost.


Storage Prices in College Towns Fluctuate in Seasonally

We have several people come to our self-storage service center in Bergen County that go to school at N.Y.U. seeking storage for students New York, which makes sense because we’re only 15 minutes from the Holland tunnel exit. We’re also much more affordable for college students and their parents because we are not based in the city and we own our property. This affords us the opportunity to provide customers seeking mini storage options the best pricing available so close to New York City.

Although our prices for our storage units may change from time to time, you can pretty much expect a standard rate. Whereas, if you store your furniture, car or any other personal items in NYC you’re going to pay approximately 20-50% more than with us. This make our pricing more attractive when moving season comes into bloom during the spring and summer months as well as mitigates the seasonal spike in pricing.


storage for students new york city

Safe and Secure Self Storage provides storage options for college students in New York and New Jersey

Climate Controlled Storage for Students

Depending on the season some items you want to store may not stand up in the heat. So, we provide climate-controlled storage for many of our units and we have several storage sizes available for those who want to keep their personal items safe during the heat of summer. Many things that college students store in our storage lockers such as books, wooden furniture, electronics, cloths and beds are susceptible to mold and mildew. There are several options for climate control storage for students New York that can accommodate their needs. Unfortunately, the affordability factor weighs heavy in New York City.

College Students Don’t Need Every Amenity…

While some amenities like climate control are very important to consider, there are some other amenities that can add extra expenses. For Example, A college student storing items while they go home for summer won’t need 24-hour access. Also, additional services like moving and shipping may bring your total sum of expenses to an overwhelming amount. Typically, moving and shipping will cost more than a six-month rental fee of any ordinary storage company.