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Safe and Secure Self Storage is the #1 solution within driving distance of New York City and located right in the middle of Bergen County New Jersey. Located right off the Garden State Parkway. Safe and Secure has several different storage options to choose from. From a 3×3 size unit to hundreds of square feet along with truck storage and internal and external options as well.  Please come and visit for an opportunity to see one of the oldest buildings in Central Bergen County that have been refitted for your self storage needs. Contact us Today!!!

safe and secure self storage companies near me that have large space available affordable and cheap solutions for storing large household goods and clothing.

The Benefits of Using Safe and Secure Self Storage

The Best Self-Storage Company in Bergen County

These days, there is no shortage of providers who offer you self-storage facilities because this has become a very popular solution for people and businesses that are looking to store a variety of items. Self-storage provides businesses and individuals the option of storing small and big items in an affordable way. They can offer a range of benefits that can provide ease and convenience. However, it is important to note that these can only be availed when the right facility like Safe and Secure is used.

Safe and Secure self storage knows that cleanliness is one of the most important considerations when selecting your self storage space. We have a team of storage experts that will walk you through the process of storing your goods.

When you opt for this particular storage facility for storing your belongings, you can enjoy the following benefits:

As the storage needs of businesses and people can vary, Safe and Secure offers a choice of units, which means that everyone can find a unit that’s ideally sized as per their needs. This means that you will be able to find sufficient space for keeping your belongings. You will have the option of choosing between temperature controlled units or those without climate control, depending on what you want to keep. Likewise, you can decide if you want one that’s located up a flight of stairs or on the ground floor.
Another benefit of using Safe and Secure self-storage facility is that it provides you with easy access to your belongings whenever you want. You will have everything at a convenient location and you will be able to get to it quickly and easily. The unit can be accessed round the clock whenever you feel like taking something out.
Safe and Secure self-storage facility is an affordable solution or any business or individual looking for a safe place to keep your items. It is an excellent option for those who have a limited budget. While the cost of the unit will vary as per the features you choose, the size of unit you select and how long you need it, Safe and Secure will still be a cost-effective solution for your storage.

As their name indicates, Safe and Secure takes all the necessary measures necessary for keeping your belongings secure in the best possible way. They have security staff as well as CCTV for monitoring the storage units round the clock and making sure that everything is as secure and safe as it can be.

These are some of the most notable benefits that using Safe and Secure can provide. Not only will you be able to find the right size of storage unit for your needs, it will also be in a central location that gives easy access. Apart from that, you can also access your storage unit at any time during the day or night. Plus, it can be used for storing even the most expensive and valuable items because the facility provides reliable and strong security. Thus, whether you are renovating your home or going on a vacation, Safe and Secure self-storage units can turn out to be a lifesaver for you.

Convenience, Value, Security and Reliability

Features of Safe and Secure's facility

Digital Goods

Use our units for TVs, Radios, Computers and other digital hardware safely.

Lowest Prices

We have affordable and competitive rates within the New York City and Garfield NJ area

24/7 Units Available

We have several options for sizes and pricing available. See our pricing for details.

Safe Lockers

Keep your documents in a safe place. Our facility is under 24/7 surveillance.

Home Storage

We have several options for storing your home goods. Ranging from 5×15 to 20×25 storage unit sizes.

Car Parkings

We have an expansive lot to store your vehicles and big trucks.

Wine Storage

We have the basement for your wine storage and it will be even better after staying with us.

Box Storage

Store all your small and big boxes with ease. We have boxes and supplies available in our front office.

What Are They Saying About Us?

Our Testimonials

I really like these guys. I spoke with the customer service rep to rent a 10x10 storage unit and found that they were very professional and polite. On the date I booked I came in and Michael was waiting there for me. I asked, "Are you Michael?" I am Michael, "he replied." Michael said, "Thank-you for being so punctual." I guess a little bit of flatter never hurt anyone right? So, I went to my storage locker and found that the place was very clean and spacious. I actually remember going into this building as a kid before it was Central Bergen Properties. They really did this place up nice. Growing up in Clifton New Jersey, all we had to do as kids was explore old warehouses and things like that. So, I was pleasantly pleased when I cam into this place, which I have been to before and see that they fixed it up.read more
Henry Rant
13:49 18 May 18
I was combing the internet for an affordable storage company in the Garfield New Jersey area. I had reached out to a few places only to find some steep pricing. I stumbled upon Safe & Secure Self Storage by going through google maps and found that they were very professional over the phone and their pricing was almost 10-20% less than what I was quotes by the other self storage companies I had spoke to. I was really happy with the service and the prices thanks guys!read more
John Ingram
17:21 16 May 18
I came here as a first time storage company user and I have to say it's a really cool building. The property is huge. The building is very nice. I was a bit confused as to there location at first, but they're right in-between all of the major roads from the city and depending on the hour I would imagine not to hard to get to in a good amount of time. I do appreciate the customer service, because I have had horrible experience with other company's and their customer service. FYI: I came into the office with a chip on my shoulder because I wasn't sure what to expect and i was really nervous about leaving our furniture anywhere else but our home. My wife is the one that found them and I went to make sure she was making the right decision (i always second guess my wife and then I realize she's right). So, as far as my experience I give them an A+ and thanks again for making my first storing experience a very smooth one. Thanks again!read more
John Leiberman
16:26 08 May 18
I came here not knowing what to expect and I have to say I am quite pleased. It just so happens that I booked my unit for Tuesday May 7th and I had to reschedule till today the 8th. They were more than accomodating with extending the booking (it was on ground level). I was very pleased with the fact that they have very controlled hours which made me feel more secure because the stuff I am storing is very fragile and means a lot to me. The storage prices are more than affordable. I live on the lower west side of Manhattan and they're located within 20 minutes from the Lincoln tunnel (prices are 25% of the standard in NYC New York City) . I am very pleased and the staff were very polite and friendly. Thanks guys!read more
Jeff Libers
15:40 08 May 18
The staff here are super friendly. I was amazed that they are the largest self storage facility in New Jersey. There are several other self storage facilities near Bergen County. However they are much smaller and have a worse rating. Which makes me question how can Safe & Secure Self Storage keep a rating above 4 and have so many clients. I guess the proof is in the math. Quality customer service. Always greeted with a smile. If I'm late on payment, I received several notifications. All around great placeread more
Cooper Chris
13:22 27 Apr 18
We are glad we found this storage place, and highly recommend it! Customer service is excellent and the staff is easy to work with! Facility is pristine and well organized. Their dock and bay design is a bit different than what we have seen before. Instead of a row of multiple bays side by side, they have two bays in one large main area, and two other bays in a smaller area. Make sure you familiarize yourself with their access hours. If you need to continually reach your belongings during later hours, consider a 24 hr access facility instead. For us, this place met our needs!read more
Sarah W
16:02 16 Mar 18
Michael is courteous, always smiling and ready to help. Transferring to a smaller unit was so easy. I'm glad I made the right choice and stored my belongings at Safe and Secure. I feel valued as a customer and am very satisfied. It's always a pleasure stopping in!read more
Roci P
21:22 12 Mar 18
Best prices in my area. Facility was clean, well lit and the employees were very polite. Rental process was quick and painless. No regrets picking this company. Keep up the good work.read more
Marilyn Bracero
01:01 23 Feb 18
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean facility. Move in process was a breeze. Overall great experience.
Katherine Cruz
00:57 23 Feb 18
Jose what can I say about Jose, beautiful soul of a man, first time renting a storage unit, been calling different places for two days now and none made me want to sign up until I met with Jose, great experience felt like I was talking to an old friend, can't wait to do it again highly recommendedThanks Safe & Secure!!!read more
Chuck Peterson
21:21 22 Feb 18
This is my first time using a storage and I am so happy with my experience. The gentleman who assisted me was very helpful. I am a woman and I don't like to go alone so I am happy they have so many cameras. I feel my stuff is very safe there and the price is right! Thank you guys for making my experience an easy one.read more
Rox M
22:32 22 Jan 18
Courteous and knowledgeable staff. Great location and reasonable prices. Overall good experience
Soul Deep
23:17 05 Jan 18
By far the best storage place in the area. Best prices and very polite staff!!
Karen H
17:03 28 Dec 17
After my initial review I was contacted and had my issue resolved over the phone. Customer service like this is rare and I am very happy with the speed and professionalism of the person who responded to my review. I would recommend using this facility in the futureread more
Nicholas Conte
21:28 12 Sep 17
By far the best storage place I've been too! The guys that work there are great and everything is super convenient! I will recommend to all my friends and family! Rates are very low if you're on a budget! Thanks for all your help guys!read more
18:02 29 Jun 17
We have been customers there for over two years. The staff has always been very helpful and polite. We upgraded to a larger unit, and we love it. The place is always clean and it is very easy to get to. We are always greeted with a smile by Jose when we show up. He is always very friendly and helpful. Thank you, Jose.read more
Vanessa Baque
18:39 10 Jun 17

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