5 Common Self Storage Mistakes

Self Storage

Are you on your journey of selecting a self storage unit? If so, take a look at these common mistakes people make during the process of finding a storage unit, packing everything up, and moving. Mistake #1: Choosing the Wrong Self Storage Size This is one of the most common mistakes people make when choosing a self storage unit. Taking an inventory of all of your items you plan to store is step one with choosing the right size. If you’re still unsure, check out our size guide here. Keeping your belongings stuffed inside will make it more difficult to access, can possibly damage them, and will result in an unorganized storage unit. Don’t skimp on the size! You can always reach out to one of our specialist to assist you if you are still having trouble choosing the right size. Mistake #2: Using Unfit or Cheap Packing Materials Protect your items! We know, packing items can get pricey. However, choosing the right materials is well worth it in the long run. We promise, you won’t want to take the “cheap” route. Using heavy duty, good quality boxes, tape, etc. will keep your items safe and is something well worth the investment! Mistake #3: Not Planning or Keeping an Inventory This is KEY when choosing the right size unit, along with knowing where your belongings are. Moving in itself is stressful, now you have to remember what you stored??? Keep it simple, but thorough enough to know what you’ve packed away! Creating a list or spreadsheet can be extremely beneficial for you. It can also come in handy when it comes to insurance on your items. And that brings us to mistake #4… Mistake #4: Declining Insurance or Coverage for Your Items Protect your valuables! No matter the security at the storage facility you choose, owners are not liable for any stolen or damaged items ...

July 13th, 2021