How to Keep Your Storage Unit Organized

Storage Units

Moving in itself can be very stressful. Between getting rid of belongings, organizing, packing, loading, the list goes on and on. Once you’re finally all settled into your new home, you may find yourself needing a storage unit. If you’re in this position, we have a few helpful tips to organizing and keeping your storage unit neat and easy to access! Choose the same size boxes/storage containers Having the same size boxes or containers can help tremendously with fitting more inside your storage unit. If you have all the same size boxes you can then easily stack them on top of each other/next to one another without taking up any needed space. Another helpful tip: Although they can be pricey, purchasing large plastic containers can be great with storing more items in one box, and help keep items free of moisture. 2. Label each and every box This might be a no brainer for some. Labeling your boxes will make life way easier when you’re ready to head into your storage unit and grab a box or two. Even breaking it down can be helpful (ex: Winter Clothes- hats, gloves, scarves, boots). If you have multiple children, add their names on it too! 3. Create a simple map of where your belongings are located This will definitely come in handy, especially if you make frequent trips to your storage unit. Simply just draw the layout of your storage unit, and make square boxes that are tabled with what contents are in each box. Tape this to the wall where you can see it. 4. Make a list of belongings you may frequently need If you believe you’ll need to access your self storage unit pretty often, make a list of what items you think you’ll be taking in and out most. Here are some examples: Winter Clothes Summer Clothes Camping Materials Beach Accessories Holiday Decor Gardening Supplies Toys Strategically storing items such as ...

July 13th, 2021