Self Storage Facilities Great For Small Businesses

Self Storage Facilities Great For Small Businesses

Small Business Thrives on Self Storage Facilities

Small Businesses thrive on self storage facilities, when they need more space to scale their business. A small business owner typically lists property overhead as one of the most expensive business expenses. Once a small business is ready to scale up to increase revenue, they find they need more space. However, with self storage facilities within close range they no longer need to rent or lease bigger spaces because they can store items they don’t need in a self storage unit. Once they’ve done this, it allows for them to make more room for more staff or a new machine.

Many businesses go through great pain to find the right location with the right amount of foot traffic. However, once it’s time for the business to scale up, they find it hard to accommodate room for more equipment or staff. This makes it very inconvenient for a small business to operate without facing the fact they need more real-estate. Renting or leasing more real-estate is also very risky, because the overhead may outweigh the increase in profit margins.  A business also risks moving to a location that doesn’t feed them as much traffic. Both of these issues could spell disaster for a new company that’s just starting to flourish.

What Business owners fail to realize about self storage facilities…

Many business owners fail to realize that moving from a place that has been working can prove dastardly to an up and coming business. This is why self storage facilities are so helpful, because many businesses can relinquish more room by getting rid of items they don’t need and don’t use often.

In many cases this could be files, desks and other items that aren’t used frequently throughout the course of a month.  This could allow a small business to expand their operating area and not have to relocate their whole company. Once they’ve found the right monthly price for a self storage unit they’ll find that the monthly fee for the storage is much more affordable than relocating their whole business.

using self storage facilities to store inventory for small businesses

Self Storage Facilities Are a Better Solution for Small Business Owners

Once a small business owner realizes the amount of money they save by renting a storage unit from a self storage facility, they realize the value right away. They couldn’t deny it even if they tried. The reality is, spending 150-300$ additional dollars for extra space is less costly than moving locations and risking new customer flow and traffic to their business.  Accessing a self storage facility once or twice a month to access necessary stock or items. It’s much easier than uprooting a business to a new location. I am sure you agree, Right?

Many storage facilities have very secure operations to guarantee your stuff is safe and sound. The majority of self storage facilities require a small fee for insurance. Additionally, business insurance will insure what you’re storing externally. One of the new phenomena of the self storage industry is climate-controlled storage. There are several climate controlled storage companies out there. Some self storage facilities offer refrigeration and electricity as well..

Now that you’ve become a more educated business owner, feel free to contact Safe & Secure Self Storage to find out what we can do for your business to relieve you of the stress and worry of finding a bigger property for your business or incurring more cost than you really need for your company.

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