What To Look for In Self Storage Near Bergen County

What To Look for In Self Storage Near Bergen County

What To Look for In Self Storage When Your New To Storing Items Correctly:

Safe & Secure is always attempting to educate our customers. So, we figured we would paint a picture on what to look for in self storage near Bergen county. We pride ourselves on finding new things to add to our services to better our company and the happiness of our clients. The self-storage industry is changing rapidly. Many storage unit rental companies are adding to their list of services, but what does it all mean? Back in the day were greeted with the same service, but different pricing and the customer had to weight their option based on choice rather than amenity. Now a days, storing service operators are adding different perks to their company’s services list to acquire new customers, but what are they?

The industry had a lot of perks back in the day, but with the dawning of the age of entrepreneurs and big business, they had to start getting competitive. So many new companies started adding perks to be competitive. Below are some of the services that they’ve started adding over the last 20 years.

What To Look for In Self Storage What should you look for in self storage? Why do you need storage and how can you keep your items safe?

Loading and Packing services:

This is one of our first focal points on, “what to look for in self storage.” Many find it a big hassle to pack up all of their belongings and load them into a storage unit, but within todays day and age companies have developed a service to move and store your belongings. You’ll notice that you have companies with the name ending in moving and storage. These businesses offer both moving and storing services to further bring a need to use them instead of their competitor. All together it’s a great idea to bring value to a company, am I right?

Climate Controlled Units

Climate Controlled Storage is really popular now-a-days. This is why we chose this as our second focal point on, “what to look for in self storage.” Most Items customers load into storage are valuable items on a personal level. In our experience, we’ve seen art, jewelry and many other valuable items loaded into storage that need to be protected from the elements. However, just because there’s a roof over them, doesn’t mean that they would be completely unaffected. This is in part due to condensation and mold. This is typically a concern with out-door self-storage units like drive-up self-storage. If you’re storing for a short amount of time drive-up is good, but long-term storage could prove disastrous.

Here’s a helpful link for you to learn more about what kind of storage you’ll need.

Insurance Before You Rent Units

This is a big one and hence why we chose insurance for storage units as our third focal point for, “what to look for in self storage.” Many storage unit rental businesses have stopped relying on external vendors for insurance and started underwriting their own insurance for storage units. These insurance policies are very important for the customers renting a unit. It protects their items from damage to their belongings and theft. If a storage unit rental company doesn’t make you get insurance be weary of that storage company. However, a storage company offering insurance is a great stamp of approval for most customers.

Storage Services Offering Portability?

Since 2010 we’ve seen the increase of storage companies offering portable storage. Portable storage is where a big truck drops off a pod storage unit to store your items outside your home. When you’re done loading your storage unit the truck comes to your home to pick it up. This is a great concept for customers who don’t want to brave of major highways to transport their items to their local self storage company.

Here’s a Helpful Link on Quora To Further Guide You On What To Look For In Self Storage.

In Closing: 

If you think that you’ve seen all the storage industry has to offer, you haven’t. This industry will keep evolving and innovating. Every day, companies are finding new methods of innovation to offer their customers. Safe & Secure Self Storage offers several of these superlatives. However, if you’re in search for an affordable storage solution, then you should check us out if you’re in the area, if not be sure to send us a message on our contact us page to allow us to help you find the most affordable solution.

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