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Study’s Show Seasonal Self Storage is Popular with Homeowners

Study’s Show Seasonal Self Storage is Popular with Homeowners

In many cases homeowners find it more preferable to store their items in self-storage where they don’t have to worry about their items getting in the way. Safe & Secure has looked into seasonal self storage rentals and has found that homeowners typically only store for certain months that co-align with seasons. The majority of homeowners prefer to not clutter up their attics, basements or garages so they seek out a storage facility to store their items for short to long-term storage unit rentals.

Seasonal Self Storage is More Popular in The Winter?

Our self-storage facility always sees a spike in rentals as the seasons change. Typically, towards the month of January, customers will arrive with their holiday décor to store till the holidays roll around again. Towards the beginning of winter contractors will store their tools for the winter. Other people take advantage of the seasonal discounts and they buy brand new appliances as well as other things. However, they use self-storage to store all of the older items that were replaced. Many use storage units for BBQ grills, lawn care equipment, and other things they won’t use for months. Many find that instead of letting these unneeded items take up space, they fare better being stored in a safe place. This is why they choose seasonal self storage.

When spring rolls around people will visit their storage space to switch out wardrobe and retrieving their warm weather items. This also happens in the same fashion with their sports equipment. Why keep your snow skiing gear just laying out or your snow board taking up space? Do you really want to lug around you golf clubs in your trunk all winter? What if you need to access your spare tire? You don’t have to, because you can just rent some space to store these items until you need them again.

Seasonal Self Storage is A Perfect Solution!

Storage units are the perfect solution for seasonal sporting goods. During summer time you can easily store snow mobiles and other winter vehicles and machinery

seasonal self storage removing your car from the elements is best served by safe and secure vehicle storage

Don’t damage your car this winter!

you don’t want exposed to the elements. Once winter is over just close your account and remove your stuff for usage. The good thing is that many of these storage locations have 24/7 access or drive-up access that allows you an easy way to store and access them.

Self-storage has been growing in popularity over the years. Many storage facility owners had created some elements to their facility’s that would make them stand out from the others. So, they started making facilities climate controlled for a safer storage experience. Climate controlled self-storage is great for items like machinery and other vehicles that could be harder to start once in season again due to effects from cold or extreme heat.

Why would you want to clutter your garage with these things when it’s just going to be harder to pull out the snow blower or snow shovels?

Once fall rolls around, homeowners visit their storage units again to retrieve items for their children’s school and other items they will need for winter like jackets, scarfs and other winter proofing items.

The bottom line is…

Several people could benefit from using self-storage, but homeowners are savvy when it comes to saving space and they have their storage needs operating like a clock. They have a plan for putting away items for every season. Once they realize how cheap and affordable self-storage really is they ultimately choose to store their items on a consistent basis. Students are finding it easier to store their items close to their schools, so they don’t have to drag them home with them. I don’t blame them either, who’d want to go home for summer with books? Not me anyway… If you’re looking for a solution for storing items near Bergen County contact us today!

How to Store Paintings Artwork Properly in Self Storage

How to Store Paintings Artwork Properly in Self Storage

So, you’re looking to store your valuable home décor or artwork for a short or long amount of time in a self storage unit, but do you know how to properly store it? How to store paintings? Well, it’s ok we’ll educate you on how to do this the right way the first time, so you can have it when you’re ready to put it back up in your home or office. Fortunately, you have several options when seeking self storage, and we suggest you choose the following options. Look for and choose a facility that has a good climate control level and you want an indoor storage facility with 24/7 security.

How To Store Paintings and Other Art in Self Storage – Best Practices

So, the question remains, how to store paintings and other art pieces properly to make sure they aren’t damaged while they’re being stored in self storage? We hope to tackle this question by offering some valued objectives for anyone who’s storing their paintings and other artwork in self storage.

Firstly, storing your artwork safely in self storage isn’t rocket science and you don’t need to be an expert on it to do it. Although, finding the right storage company is very important and some of the requirements for storing valuable paintings and other artwork properly are very important. It’s important to find a climate controlled in-door storage facility. Why? Because an out-door facility will expose your artwork to the elements and ruin it for good. A climate controlled facility will offer the ability to keep precious paintings and artwork at a standard temperature so you won’t need to worry about it being too hot or too cold. Leaving artwork exposed to changing temperatures could cause condensation in which could ruin the artwork entirely.

how to store paintings in a climate controlled in-door self storage facility

Storing Two-Dimensional Art Pieces in Self Storage

How to Store Paintings and Art Properly in Self Storage:

A big misconception in storing two-dimensional art like paintings, prints and photos is keeping them rolled up in tubes would be the best way to protect them. This is not true. While this may be a great way to transport art, it is not a great way to store it for long periods of time. Not to mention that is there were any moisture it could absorb into the cardboard further deteriorating the art and the cardboard tube.

Two Dimensional Art Storage

Two-dimensional art should be stored flat, mounted on matte board (although not permanently). The thickness of the matte board should keep the artwork from curling over time and developing a stiffness to the curl which could ruin the integrity of the art piece forever. Obviously heavier art pieces will require heavier and thicker matte boards. Once you mount the artwork, it’s good practice to cover the artwork with polyester film thick enough to avoid a puncture. However, you want to make sure it’s not attached to the artwork itself (this is what the matte board is for.) It’s good practice to tape it to the back of the matte board and fold it over the front of the matte board. The folded edges over the art piece should be the protection you’re looking for to preserve value. This practice also prevents damage from humidity.

Great Deals on Matte Board

If you have very delicate art pieces that can be easily smudged, a front frame may be a necessary element of the matte board allowing a front facing window with the sides protecting the polyester film from smudging the piece.

Seems tedious doesn’t it?

No. Not if you value the art. Once you have given a matte frame to the art work, it’s recommended that you place the matte board cover over the front face of the piece. This just gives it an added protection. Warning, keep the front covering matte board clipped on or attached like a hinge, so you can reveal the piece when you want to.

If you have smaller items like pictures post cards or stamps you can store them in (ACID FREE) cardboard boxes. You can find these at any local art store. All of this allows you easy access to the art pieces without the hassle of damaging them while attempting to view them. Especially, if you’re storing them in a small 5×5 or 5×10 storage locker.

utilizing your mini storage units space effectively this teady bear shows you how its done right
How to Store Paintings in Mini Storage can be a bit troubling, but if you follow our suggestions it will guarantee your paintings safety.

Storing Sculptures Properly in Self Storage

Now, three-dimensional art work like sculptures and statues will have their own individual needs. The biggest concern for these pieces is to make sure they are stored inside the storage locker with space between them so they don’t get crushed or dented. Depending on how fragile the sculpture is will be the determining factor on how safely you can store the item. We suggest putting the item(s) on shelves to avoid a cluster. Plastic or steel shelving is pretty easy to come by and could be purchased at any major brand hardware store for very little cost. Another good practice for storing sculptures is wrapping them within Styrofoam or within Styrofoam peanuts inside of a box.

Obviously, this may seem tedious or even expensive, but if you value these items it’s important that you follow the suggestions. At Safe & Secure Self Storage we want you to have a great experience and obviously we want your stuff to be safe while you’re storing items with us. Please feel free to read through other material on our blog to educate yourself on how to store items properly.

3 Uncommon Reasons to Use Self Storage Units

3 Uncommon Reasons to Use Self Storage Units

There are several reasons for storing items in self storage; some want to add additional space in their home, others their office and some need to store items in storage units for seasons. However, this isn’t all self-storage units are good for. We have compiled a list of odd uses for storage units that we’ve seen before.

Keeping Unique Items Safe

It wouldn’t be a storage unit if you weren’t using it to store items, right? Yes! However, besides storing the common items like household items, books, clothes and documents; Are you aware that there are several other things that can go into storage units most people don’t know about? Safe and Secure Self Storage has had several amazing things come through the hallways of our secure storage facility. People store motorcycles, boats, vintage bikes and other rare items. In fact, many of our storage units have been used to store vast collections too!

If you’re into reality TV or documentary dramas you may have stumbled upon a show called, “Storage Wars.” In this show you see all types of cool items coming out of storage units that are up for auction. Although we feel that this is not entirely as displayed, the truth is that people store really cool stuff inside lockers.

So below we’ve provided some unique uses for storage lockers and how they’ve been used in the past.

A Project Recording Studio for Music

Our storage unit spaces are also good for musicians. In many cases within an in-door storage facility or warehouse, it’s pretty quiet and we don’t see too many people coming daily to access their units. The acoustics of a storage unit are pretty cool if used correctly. We’ve had a few musicians have jam sessions in our storage facility.

Office/Storage Space

Business owners renting storage space to use at their home office, also occasionally happens. In today’s day and age with so many websites offering the opportunity to sell items on their platform. Many people come to us to store their items they plan to sell, until sold. Other sole proprietors like landscapers or other contractors use self-storage to store during seasonal months where it may not be as busy.  The fact is there are several uses for storage units and it’s up to you to be creative.

uncommon uses for storage units

self storage units can be used for gyms like cross fit as well

Using Storage Units for Exercise Equipment and Personal Gyms

There are tons of work out groups springing up all over the place. Some that come to mind are Cross Fit, Hot Yoga classes and Tai Chi. Some of these phenomenon that have groups of people congregating to motivate one another and build their muscles use large storage units to do it! Larger self storage units are great for fitting gym equipment and other work out paraphernalia that commonly used. Some items include weights, medicine balls, mats and many other things.

Although, Safe & Secure Self Storage would love to offer all of the things mentioned above, we probably would need to reserve our right to make sure the reasoning is a good fit for our storage facility. However, we have over a million square feet of property to see if any other of our units are a good fit. So, don’t hesitate to call.

What To Look for In Self Storage Near Bergen County

What To Look for In Self Storage Near Bergen County

What To Look for In Self Storage When Your New To Storing Items Correctly:

Safe & Secure is always attempting to educate our customers. So, we figured we would paint a picture on what to look for in self storage near Bergen county. We pride ourselves on finding new things to add to our services to better our company and the happiness of our clients. The self-storage industry is changing rapidly. Many storage unit rental companies are adding to their list of services, but what does it all mean? Back in the day were greeted with the same service, but different pricing and the customer had to weight their option based on choice rather than amenity. Now a days, storing service operators are adding different perks to their company’s services list to acquire new customers, but what are they?

The industry had a lot of perks back in the day, but with the dawning of the age of entrepreneurs and big business, they had to start getting competitive. So many new companies started adding perks to be competitive. Below are some of the services that they’ve started adding over the last 20 years.

What To Look for In Self Storage What should you look for in self storage? Why do you need storage and how can you keep your items safe?

Loading and Packing services:

This is one of our first focal points on, “what to look for in self storage.” Many find it a big hassle to pack up all of their belongings and load them into a storage unit, but within todays day and age companies have developed a service to move and store your belongings. You’ll notice that you have companies with the name ending in moving and storage. These businesses offer both moving and storing services to further bring a need to use them instead of their competitor. All together it’s a great idea to bring value to a company, am I right?

Climate Controlled Units

Climate Controlled Storage is really popular now-a-days. This is why we chose this as our second focal point on, “what to look for in self storage.” Most Items customers load into storage are valuable items on a personal level. In our experience, we’ve seen art, jewelry and many other valuable items loaded into storage that need to be protected from the elements. However, just because there’s a roof over them, doesn’t mean that they would be completely unaffected. This is in part due to condensation and mold. This is typically a concern with out-door self-storage units like drive-up self-storage. If you’re storing for a short amount of time drive-up is good, but long-term storage could prove disastrous.

Here’s a helpful link for you to learn more about what kind of storage you’ll need.

Insurance Before You Rent Units

This is a big one and hence why we chose insurance for storage units as our third focal point for, “what to look for in self storage.” Many storage unit rental businesses have stopped relying on external vendors for insurance and started underwriting their own insurance for storage units. These insurance policies are very important for the customers renting a unit. It protects their items from damage to their belongings and theft. If a storage unit rental company doesn’t make you get insurance be weary of that storage company. However, a storage company offering insurance is a great stamp of approval for most customers.

Storage Services Offering Portability?

Since 2010 we’ve seen the increase of storage companies offering portable storage. Portable storage is where a big truck drops off a pod storage unit to store your items outside your home. When you’re done loading your storage unit the truck comes to your home to pick it up. This is a great concept for customers who don’t want to brave of major highways to transport their items to their local self storage company.

Here’s a Helpful Link on Quora To Further Guide You On What To Look For In Self Storage.

In Closing: 

If you think that you’ve seen all the storage industry has to offer, you haven’t. This industry will keep evolving and innovating. Every day, companies are finding new methods of innovation to offer their customers. Safe & Secure Self Storage offers several of these superlatives. However, if you’re in search for an affordable storage solution, then you should check us out if you’re in the area, if not be sure to send us a message on our contact us page to allow us to help you find the most affordable solution.