Household Storage

Storing Household Furniture

Wondering what to do with your furniture when renovating your house, living room or dining room or temporarily reducing it to a smaller apartment? Getting storage space for furniture around the house can be a challenging task because most people just do not have extra space to place a sofa, extra tables or chairs. In such cases, easy access to furniture storage may be the perfect solution for you.

In many situations, furniture storage spaces are necessary – from protecting your furniture during a renovation to an organized platform during life-transforming events, such as moving to a city or another country. With hundreds of storage facilities for furniture throughout the country and tens of thousands of customers and clients, Safe and secure self-storage understands what’s important for people looking for extra storage space, whether it’s an extension of their homes in the short or long term.

Furniture storage benefits

Safe and secure self-storage has storage facilities that best meet the needs of all types of customers with self-storage. Some of the many benefits of our storage facilities include:

  • Climate controlled storage units providing the temperature control you need
  • Full stock of packaging material, including boxes, tape, air bubble film and more
  • Easy access to load and unload furniture at your convenient periods.
  • Cutting-edge security models, including 24-hour video recordings, access to the electronic gate and well-lit environment.

Conditions for flexible storage

Although Safe and secure self-storage offers easy access to storage, we also offer flexible rental conditions. Our monthly lease agreements give you maximum flexibility to store your furniture for short or long term storage, as you need.

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