Document Storage

How to Properly Store Documents

At some points when business records, reports, and paper assume take over your office, or you do not have enough storage space, at that very stage, you need to consider compiling your archives and storing them in a self-storage facility. Self-storage and business storage can simply work together. Saving your official documents in self-storage helps to decrease awkwardness in your office while expanding workspace and boosting profitability!

Storing Your Documents

After deciding to store your business documents in a self-storage facility, there are things to take note of while preparing your storage boxes and units.

  • Never share the access keys or security passcode to the storage units with everyone. Since you are storing important documents, the codes should only be made available to people with valid authorizations.
  • When placing the documents in the boxes; fill the boxes and add padding. Try not to overfill the boxes. Do not use newspapers as filler; it might clear the prints on the documents.
  • Boxes for storing documents must not be heavier than 30-50 pounds, so you can effortlessly lift and move them.
  • Your document boxes should be lifted from the ground onto pallets, wood, plastic sheets or cardboard. The ideal document storage solution should involve racking cabinets used in the storage unit.
  • Place the documents in closed filing cabinets or fire safes for extra security.
  • You can make use of airtight packing boxes for your documents to shield them from water damage in case of a flood.
  • Place the oldest and not-frequently used files at the back of the storage unit. Keep the files you may need to access quickly at the The same process applies to the stacks of the boxes. Place the oldest at the bottom and the newer documents at the top.
  • Label each of the boxes and indicate the content therein. Create a numbering system for these stored and place in a spreadsheet for proper cross checks. It makes it easier to locate the documents you need at any time.

Self-storage is a perfect solution for keeping company stocks, from store stocks to contractor’s equipment to documents’ storage. By storing these documents, you can keep your office neat and reduce clumsiness to boost the profitability around your workplace.

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Choosing a secure document storage

When you pick a self-storage facility to store your documents, ensure you pick one that is near your business area. There are chances that you may need access your stored documents, and you would prefer not to drive through the city. A Climate controlled capacity unit is additionally prescribed for storing organization archives. The climate controlled storage units help shield your documents from harm caused by outrageous climate conditions, for example, heat, dampness, and solidifying temperatures.

Since you are storing official documents, it is advisable to pick a storage facility with a proper security system, which includes, keyboarded entries, proper video surveillance, strong locks and automated gate access.

It is also of utmost importance to select the right storage boxes for your documents and other storage supplies when packing your documents. These documents must be properly placed with padding, just to make sure that the documents do not shift while carrying out your activity in the storage unit. The boxes should be sealed with packing tape, as with the other storage boxes