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Safe and Secure Types of Self Storage Units

Safe and Secure has several types of self storage units for your storage needs. If you live within the Bergen County New Jersey area and you need to store anything, we have you covered. Not only is Safe and Secure and affordable solution for you, but we have many different types of self storage sizes to choose from.

Safe and secure has over a million square feet of commercial leasing space and different types of self storage units available for commercial and residential storage. Please review any of the information below and we will gladly answer any questions you may have. Call us @ 973-340-5800



Although there is historical evidence of publicly available storage in ancient China, modern self-storage facilities (in which the tenant has exclusive access to the storage space) did not begin to appear until 1958, when Lauderdale Storage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (founded by the Collum family) opened for business. In the late 1960s, the first self-storage facility chains started to open in Texas.Cite

Modern storage facilities grew slowly through the 90s, at which time demand outpaced supply and caused a rush of new self-storage developments. From 2000 to 2005, over 3,000 new facilities were built every year in America.

The Top Amenities that Safe and Secure can Offer

Businesses and homeowners use self-storage units for a wide array of reasons such as storing documents or excess inventory, moving from one home to another, decluttering an apartment or a home and adding on or remodeling a business. Therefore, it is a given that they want a self-storage facility that can offer them some useful amenities. If you do a market search, you will find a number of storage facilities offering unique features to you, but they also have a high price tag and not everyone can afford it. This is where Safe and Secure comes in as this self-storage facility has some amazing amenities to offer to you.


Let’s take a look at some of the top ones:

Premium Security

The security of your belongings is on the top of your mind and should be the same for the storage facility. The good news is that Safe and Secure offers premium security to fulfill this goal, which means there is no need to stress out whether you are storing sensitive business documents or home valuables. They offer 24-hour video surveillance, individual door locks and alarms, a fenced perimeter and passcode protected entry gate along with ample outdoor and indoor lighting.

Climate Controlled Units

When exposed to exceptionally hot or cold temperatures or humidity, a lot of items can become vulnerable to damage. Safe and Secure is aware of this fact due to which they offer climate controlled units. A moderate temperature is maintained in these units and humidity level is also controlled. How does this help? This is to make sure that metal appliances don’t rust, wood furniture doesn’t warp, books, sensitive documents and other paper-items don’t deteriorate and home goods and memorabilia is protected from damp conditions.

Vehicle Storage

A sizable amount of space is required for storing cars, trucks, RVs and boats when they are not in use. Safe and Secure provides you with storage units of varying sizes that can accommodate all of these vehicles. You can get outdoor storage for the large vehicles and indoors for the smaller ones and all at a very affordable price, which makes it an excellent option for a storage facility.

Quality Customer Service

You never know when you might need access to your storage unit. There could be an emergency or you may have a problem with your door alarm or lock. What do you do then? Obviously, you reach out to the facility’s customer service. But, what if they are unavailable? This could cause a lot of problems in the long term. Realizing this, Safe and Secure has ensured that its clients can enjoy the best possible customer service. They are willing to assist you with any problem you may have. With this facility, you can enjoy flexible scheduling as per your convenience, avoid any hidden service charges or fee, free transportation of things from your home to the unit discounted moving supplies such as packing peanuts and boxes.

Hence, with Safe and Secure, you can find the best storage solution for your belongings.

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Safe & Secure Self Storage offers safety to businesses as a business storage solution. Business rest easy knowing their items are safe from flooding, theft and fire.

Safe and Secure has many different types of self storage units to choose from for storing everything from your personal belongings, furniture, documents, business equipment and your automobiles. We have a vast amount of space at our property on Lanza avenue in of Garfield, New Jersey. We cater to all of Bergen County and Manhattan. Please contact us for specials on rates and any questions you may have.