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Self Storage Unit Size Guide

A Size Guide for Storage Units

One of the most important factors when on the search for a storage unit is figuring the exact storage unit size you really need. Safe & Secure Self Storage has a wide variety of self storage sizes, but it’s up to you to figure out what size will be the best for you. We put together this storage unit size guide just for you so you can figure it out easily through our website.

Some of our unit sizes vary from the size of a small closet to the size of an extended garage. The reality is you only want to pay for the space you will be using. It’s best to do your research on here before you decide to rent a storage unit.

Why Use a Self Storage Unit Size Guide?

You’d think using self-storage is really easy right? It is. However, overusing it is a real problem – meaning if you have enough stuff to fill up 100 cubic feet, but your renting 300 cubic feet, you’re wasting money. This is why Safe & Secure Self Storage in Garfield, NJ put together our storage unit size guide to help you through the process of picking your unit size. We have several options to choose from.

What are the most common storage unit sizes?

Our 5×10 and 5×15 units are probably the most commonly used. Many college students looking for storage frequent upon these. They’re good for storing your dorm room furniture while you’re on a vacation from school.

Our 10×10 and 10×15 size units for rent are one of the more rented units for people moving, storing several rooms, contractors and military personnel leaving for duty.

this guy is frustrated figuring out what size storage unit to get. use our self storage unit size guide

Don’t be like this guy and not know what size to get. Use our self storage unit size guide and our calculator to figure it out. Don’t worry Safe & Secure has your back.

When looking into our 5×10 units, it’s important to reference the size against your biggest objects that need storing. Meaning you can fit a queen size bed into a 5×10 unit, but not a 15 foot couch.

Common Things put into a 5×10 Storage Unit:

  • Queen-sized mattress set
  • dresser
  • TV
  • several boxes
  • smaller love-seat
  • other small furniture

5x15 self storage unit space

When it comes to a 5×15 storage unit, you have a bit more room than the average closet. You can arguably fit a room and a half inside our 5×15 size storage units. Please see diagram to the right for a better understanding.

Common Items put into a 5×15 Storage Units:

  • Bedroom Sets
  • Side Tables
  • Night Stands
  • Couches
  • Hutches
  • Bunk Beds

5x15 storage unit pace include a free box when you store your stuff with safe and secure self storage company

If you’re looking for a 10×10 size storage units costs and taking into account the scale of space, you can fit a lot more with a 10×10 than a 5×10 because of the squareness of the unit. You can fit approximately 3 bedrooms into a 10×10 storage unit and still account for some room.

Common Things put into a 10×10 Storage Unit:

  • Queen-sized mattress set (x2)
  • King size bedroom set
  • dresser (x4)
  • TV (s)
  • several boxes
  • smaller love-seat
  • other small furniture
  • 20+ boxes
  • much more

10x10 storage units for rent are the most popular among the bunch and you can fit several items in them.

When looking into our 10×15 storage units, it’s important to not that this could be overkill for the average college student looking to store items. However, you can find comfort in the fact you can probably fit a ranch style house into a 150 sq. ft. storage unit.

Common Things put into a 10×15 Storage Units:

  • Queen-sized mattress set (x2)
  • King-sized mattress set (x2)
  • Several twin beds
  • several dressers
  • bigger style couches
  • TV (s)
  • 30+ boxes
  • love-seat (s)
  • other small furniture

10x15 size storage units for safe and secure self storage size guide

Self Storage Size Guide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may still have questions after going through our self storage unit size guide. We get it, we’re going to help you figure it all out. Below are some frequently asked questions about self storage unit sizes and costs for rent.

Our units vary from 6-10 feet high. The storage units we have in the basement are 6 feet in height. Our storage units on our main floor are from 6-8 feet in height and our really big storage units like 10×20 and 10×25 storage units are running at 10 feet in height. You will find that these heights are very common for any storage rental business near New York City or North-East New Jersey.

This does happen quite a bit. You under calculate or over calculate the size of the storage unit you’ll be needing. Many storage companies will allow you to change your unit. It may require more paperwork, but shaving 20-40$ off your monthly storage unit for rent will add up at the end of the year.

Prices vary based on several factors. Pricing for real estate is usually based on square foot rented and location of the property. When it comes to self storage rent is based upon location of facility, location within facility and the amenities provided. Our self storage unit size guide will give you the amount of space you need, but it’s up to you to choose the location within the facility and the amenities that come with that specific unit.

Our unit differs by rollup and swinging door. However, All of our units are climate controlled by us. Many of our amenities can be listed on our storage rental pricing here

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