When people think of self storage, they likely picture a safe place to keep boxes, standard household belongings, business equipment, and other items they will not use for a while. However, it is possible (and recommended) to use a storage facility to store your RV, too. Recreational vehicle storage works in pretty much the same way as “normal” storage, allowing renters to benefit from a variety of features to protect their property while they are away.

RV storage spaces serve specifically to house campers, motorhomes, fifth wheel RVs, and other recreational vehicles in a safe way. With modern on-site security, our property allows RV owners to store their vehicle in Garfield, New Jersey without having to worry about theft and other elements that could represent potential problems. Even if you install a home security system to monitor your vehicle, storing it with our professional team is the best way to protect it.
While an RV can be the ultimate in adventure travel, it is often tricky to store it when you are not on the road. For instance, both you and your neighbors could become frustrated if you take up street parking. The vehicle’s roof and windshield can get damaged by fallen tree branches. Using the driveway could block access to your garage, preventing you from using your car when you need to. Thankfully, there are also lots of easy solutions for when you want to park your RV.
Are you new to Garfield, New Jersey RV storage and nervous about leaving your vehicle anywhere else but your home? Maybe it was your wife that found us, but you are not sure if she made the right decision. In that case, you should know better than second guessing her! Remember, you will always end up realizing she is right.
Whether you need to store a couple of items along with your recreational vehicle or want to pick an RV storage solution that offers a convenient location and great prices, you and your possessions will be well taken care of. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can be of help during your next RV renting experience.