6 Ways to Find the Best Storage Units in 2018

6 Ways to Find the Best Storage Units in 2018

6 Ways to Make Finding the Best Storage Units Easier

Many can’t stand feeling like they’re cramped up in an apartment in New York City or any apartment for that matter. While the tristate area; mainly the surrounding areas of NYC get inundated with new move-ins and an expanding population, people are always looking for best storage units for extra space. Self-Storage is always a great solution for opening more space in a very small apartment.

Safe & Secure Self Storage finds that several people make their way over the bridge from Manhattan to visit our facility for a more affordable price to store their items, than the prices of storage in New York City. While most facility’s in “The Big Apple” will quote for their bottom prices on sizes, many arrive to the surprise that their climate-controlled storage unit they were looking for is twice the price they were told. This is why they come to us. However, we know we’re a good company, but even if you don’t choose us, we want you to know how to find a better and more affordable means to finding the right storage facility in your area.

6 Ways to Find the Best Storage Units

1.     Do your due-diligence on a storage facility wisely

Prior to renting a storage unit, we suggest getting price estimates from three nearby locations, Consumer Reports Suggests. You may also want to see if they’re members of the Self-Storage Association, if they’re not it could be a red flag. Members of the Self-Storage Association are held to a higher caliber of expectations then that of those that aren’t members.

6 ways to choose the best storage units in a self-storage facility

Finding the best storage units isn’t hard, but it’s important to do your due-diligence before settling on a storage facility.

2.     Never Base Your Storage Company Options on Price

Of course, no one wants to be ripped off or price gouged, but don’t base your selection off price alone. One of the better benefits to self-storage is the ability to store your belongings in a place that is safe and secure. Don’t go for the lesser price if they’re not providing a secure storage unit that could be at risk of damage or theft. Choose a facility that’s within 30 minutes driving distance from your home. Additionally, extended hours should be offered by the facility, so you can get there outside regular business hours.

3.     Considering Environmental Circumstances

If you are located in a geographic location that has very extreme cold or hot weather or major variances in temperature, it’s important to choose a climate-controlled storage facility to store your goods. We covered climate control storage here. The issue with non-climate-controlled storage facility’s is that you’re risking your items being affected by the elements. Glass breaks in cold, wood warps in damp environments and mold can affect everything. Make sure the facility has pest control too, it makes for a more secure storage environment and your belongings will remain Safe & Secure.

4.     Insure Your Stuff

If your storing your items for safe keeping, it’s safe to say that they mean a lot to you. Don’t risk losing them in a fire or roof collapse. Many with renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance will be covered, but those who don’t have either of those should get insurance through the storage company. It’s a mandatory expense when people come to Safe & Secure Self Storage. On average a couple thousand dollars’ worth of insurance for around 10 dollars a month.

5.     Store Your Items Well

Don’t just toss your stuff in a storage locker and walk away, make sure that all fragile items are packed correctly and stored closer to the floor. Stack appropriate boxes on top of one another, don’t stack bigger boxes on top of smaller ones. Make sure your clothes and other cloth-like items inside of vacuum sealed bags or plastic bins. This helps avoid mildew or the need to wash them when they’re removed from the storage unit. We covered this here

6.     Always Make Sure You Know the Location of Your Items

If you’re using self-storage to store your items in, make sure to account for the times you’ll be coming to access your stuff. If you’re going to come frequently to access your belongings, put the items you need most in the front. This avoids you spending hours sifting through your stuff and making a mess. Label boxes as necessary to also know how to find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for stored kitchen supplies for a holiday, it’s easier to find the items by labeling the boxes.

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