Easy Tips to Prepare for Long-Term Storage

Easy Tips to Prepare for Long-Term Storage

Long-term self-storage is a huge advantage when you no longer have storage space left at home or are planning to move abroad. Businesses also find it a feasible option when they have extra stock to store, documents to secure or equipment to keep safe. However, it is essential to remember that both individuals and businesses alike will only be able to benefit from long-term storage if they prepare for it in the right way. Otherwise, they will only end up in destroying their belongings.

Here are some easy long-term storage tips that will help you learn what are storage units prices or How much is a storage unit a month, how to move things, etc.

These tips will also enable you to pack your valuables and save your treasures:

1.   Keep everything protected

You need to protect everything in the best way possible. Wrap things in newsprint and bubble wrap and fill the boxes with packing peanuts. Also, make sure you are just using quality cardboard boxes and not ones that split easily.

2.   Don’t use plastic bags

Yes, you might have lots of plastic bags that you can use for packing, but they can be the worst thing for putting in your belongings, especially clothes. This is because the plastic keeps the moisture inside, which can lead to mold.

saving money with long term storage options

3.   Make sure everything is clean

All the things that you are putting into storage should be cleaned properly. Scrub your appliances, wash clothing items and vacuum the furniture. Once you have cleaned everything, make sure the items have also dried up properly before you put them into storage.

4.   Disassemble

When considering long term furniture storage options, it is best for you to disassemble your furniture because this makes it easier to store and can also reduce and minimize the damage as much as possible.

5.   Hang your clothing

Lots of people make the mistake of folding their clothes when putting them in storage instead of hanging them. The problem with folding is that it can cause tears and rips when pressed together tightly and also increases the chance of mold. It is best for you to invest some money into a few wardrobe boxes that can be used for hanging your clothes.

6.   Spray wood with oil or polish

If you are planning to store wood for a long period of time, you need to make sure that a coat of oil or polish is applied onto it or else it will dry out.

7.   Make sure the boxes are labeled

Labeling the boxes should be made a priority because it makes it immensely easy to find stuff and also protect fragile items. Boxes that have fragile goods should be marked so they are handled with care. With a simple label, you can prevent accidents and it can also make it easier for you to find something without wasting your time.

With these easy tips, it can become quite simple for you to prepare your things for long-term storage. When you have seen what is the average cost of a storage unit; it is best to make the most out of the storage space you get and use it in the ideal way possible.

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