3 Uncommon Reasons to Use Self Storage Units

3 Uncommon Reasons to Use Self Storage Units

There are several reasons for storing items in self storage; some want to add additional space in their home, others their office and some need to store items in storage units for seasons. However, this isn’t all self-storage units are good for. We have compiled a list of odd uses for storage units that we’ve seen before.

Keeping Unique Items Safe

It wouldn’t be a storage unit if you weren’t using it to store items, right? Yes! However, besides storing the common items like household items, books, clothes and documents; Are you aware that there are several other things that can go into storage units most people don’t know about? Safe and Secure Self Storage has had several amazing things come through the hallways of our secure storage facility. People store motorcycles, boats, vintage bikes and other rare items. In fact, many of our storage units have been used to store vast collections too!

If you’re into reality TV or documentary dramas you may have stumbled upon a show called, “Storage Wars.” In this show you see all types of cool items coming out of storage units that are up for auction. Although we feel that this is not entirely as displayed, the truth is that people store really cool stuff inside lockers.

So below we’ve provided some unique uses for storage lockers and how they’ve been used in the past.

A Project Recording Studio for Music

Our storage unit spaces are also good for musicians. In many cases within an in-door storage facility or warehouse, it’s pretty quiet and we don’t see too many people coming daily to access their units. The acoustics of a storage unit are pretty cool if used correctly. We’ve had a few musicians have jam sessions in our storage facility.

Office/Storage Space

Business owners renting storage space to use at their home office, also occasionally happens. In today’s day and age with so many websites offering the opportunity to sell items on their platform. Many people come to us to store their items they plan to sell, until sold. Other sole proprietors like landscapers or other contractors use self-storage to store during seasonal months where it may not be as busy.  The fact is there are several uses for storage units and it’s up to you to be creative.

uncommon uses for storage units

self storage units can be used for gyms like cross fit as well

Using Storage Units for Exercise Equipment and Personal Gyms

There are tons of work out groups springing up all over the place. Some that come to mind are Cross Fit, Hot Yoga classes and Tai Chi. Some of these phenomenon that have groups of people congregating to motivate one another and build their muscles use large storage units to do it! Larger self storage units are great for fitting gym equipment and other work out paraphernalia that commonly used. Some items include weights, medicine balls, mats and many other things.

Although, Safe & Secure Self Storage would love to offer all of the things mentioned above, we probably would need to reserve our right to make sure the reasoning is a good fit for our storage facility. However, we have over a million square feet of property to see if any other of our units are a good fit. So, don’t hesitate to call.

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