4 Benefits of Using Self-Storage During Military Deployment

4 Benefits of Using Self-Storage During Military Deployment

Military life is tied in with being on the move and a self storage military discount are sought after by all of our local troops deployed and reserve. Whether you’re moving abroad or moving to an alternate base here at home, you are dependably out and about when you serve in the United States Armed Forces. For those service members in Bergen County, NJ who can’t take their stuff with them, self-storage units are the ideal choice. Safe and Secure Self Storage is here to breakdown the advantages of putting away your additional belongings with us and our self storage military discount.

4 Benefits of Safe and Secure Self Storage Military Discount

  1. Security Features

Access self storage units have exclusive individually alarmed units available, which have extraordinary locks as an additional safety measure. That isn’t all, we also have surveillance cameras to self storage military discounthinder and catch would-be trespassers. The pass codes for our tenants are required for access to the premises and their units, therefore, only approved members can get to our facility. With these measures, you shouldn’t stress over your belongings when you’re gone.

  1. Readily Available Moving Trucks

Can you imagine moving without a proper vehicle to haul all your stuff? That can be unpleasant and tedious. You no longer need to stress over this issue in light of the fact that at Safe and Secure, we have a U-Haul office right next door when you store your belongings at our office. Isn’t this advantageous?

  1. Different Sizes

At Safe & Secure, we have storage units extending from as little as a locker to as expansive as a stockroom. The size of your of your possessions doesn’t matter since we have a unit suitable for your storage necessities. We provide a self storage military discount for any size of mini storage compartment, but prices will vary depending on size.

  1. Amazing rates

We understand the service and sacrifices the military makes for our nation. Accordingly, there is a self storage military discount available. Safe & Secure ensures the same rate for 12 months. You don’t need expect any sudden increments as you start storing with us. Our self storage discounts for military vary depending on the storage size; call 888-960-0287 for more information.

Military Storage Units at Access

Safe & Secure Self Storage would like to thank each service member in Bergen County New Jersey and all over the world for your selfless service while protecting our nation and our freedom. On the off chance that you require a place to store your effects amid your deployment, get in touch with us for a perfect storage unit. Your assets are protected with us until you return. We also have included a link to more discounts for military here.


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