The MOST Popular Storage Sizes for Students | Storage for Students New York

The MOST Popular Storage Sizes for Students | Storage for Students New York

Storage for Students New York & New Jersey

Safe and Secure Self Storage in Garfield New Jersey has several college’s around us like Passaic County Community College, Berkeley College, The American Institute and Jersey College. Many parents are in search for storage for students New York and New Jersey prior to their summer breaks when they come home. We want the college students around us to know that we support them while they’re in the midst of their studies. So, we decided to write up an expose on the most popular storage sizes for college students.

After a poll taken by some of our staff asking 100 college students what kind of storage they used we found that 5’x5’ were favored by 30% and 5’x10’ units are favored by 26% and our 5’x15’ storage units for rent were favored by 19% with the other 25% of students saying they didn’t require storage yet…

5’x5’ and 5’x10’ storage units are the most popular among college students.

storage for students new york

Safe & Secure provides storage for students New York and New Jersey

I mean let’s be honest the standard contents of a dorm room are a desk, a desk chair, maybe a TV, bookcase, a twin bed and other belongings. However, lugging that back and forth from school to home in-between semesters is quite a task. This is why college students favor our 5’x5’ storage units. Presumably, the average college student who comes to us from Berkeley College or Passaic County Community College don’t have much more than the contents above, a 5’x5’ storage unit should be a perfect fit.

Alternatively, when we interviewed a student from Jersey College he said, “I have my own room at my frat house and need my 5’x10’ when I am going home for the summer to fit my queen mattress and bed frame as well as additional furniture and my beer pong table.” This also co-aligned with what some others told us, which was that they have much more than the contents of a typical dorm room. Many that come to Jersey College or Berkeley College, come from out of state for the primary focuses of education provided by those colleges. Storage for students in NYC can be tough, especially when it comes to cost.


Storage Prices in College Towns Fluctuate in Seasonally

We have several people come to our self-storage service center in Bergen County that go to school at N.Y.U. seeking storage for students New York, which makes sense because we’re only 15 minutes from the Holland tunnel exit. We’re also much more affordable for college students and their parents because we are not based in the city and we own our property. This affords us the opportunity to provide customers seeking mini storage options the best pricing available so close to New York City.

Although our prices for our storage units may change from time to time, you can pretty much expect a standard rate. Whereas, if you store your furniture, car or any other personal items in NYC you’re going to pay approximately 20-50% more than with us. This make our pricing more attractive when moving season comes into bloom during the spring and summer months as well as mitigates the seasonal spike in pricing.


storage for students new york city

Safe and Secure Self Storage provides storage options for college students in New York and New Jersey

Climate Controlled Storage for Students

Depending on the season some items you want to store may not stand up in the heat. So, we provide climate-controlled storage for many of our units and we have several storage sizes available for those who want to keep their personal items safe during the heat of summer. Many things that college students store in our storage lockers such as books, wooden furniture, electronics, cloths and beds are susceptible to mold and mildew. There are several options for climate control storage for students New York that can accommodate their needs. Unfortunately, the affordability factor weighs heavy in New York City.

College Students Don’t Need Every Amenity…

While some amenities like climate control are very important to consider, there are some other amenities that can add extra expenses. For Example, A college student storing items while they go home for summer won’t need 24-hour access. Also, additional services like moving and shipping may bring your total sum of expenses to an overwhelming amount. Typically, moving and shipping will cost more than a six-month rental fee of any ordinary storage company.


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