Study’s Show Seasonal Self Storage is Popular with Homeowners

Study’s Show Seasonal Self Storage is Popular with Homeowners

In many cases homeowners find it more preferable to store their items in self-storage where they don’t have to worry about their items getting in the way. Safe & Secure has looked into seasonal self storage rentals and has found that homeowners typically only store for certain months that co-align with seasons. The majority of homeowners prefer to not clutter up their attics, basements or garages so they seek out a storage facility to store their items for short to long-term storage unit rentals.

Seasonal Self Storage is More Popular in The Winter?

Our self-storage facility always sees a spike in rentals as the seasons change. Typically, towards the month of January, customers will arrive with their holiday décor to store till the holidays roll around again. Towards the beginning of winter contractors will store their tools for the winter. Other people take advantage of the seasonal discounts and they buy brand new appliances as well as other things. However, they use self-storage to store all of the older items that were replaced. Many use storage units for BBQ grills, lawn care equipment, and other things they won’t use for months. Many find that instead of letting these unneeded items take up space, they fare better being stored in a safe place. This is why they choose seasonal self storage.

When spring rolls around people will visit their storage space to switch out wardrobe and retrieving their warm weather items. This also happens in the same fashion with their sports equipment. Why keep your snow skiing gear just laying out or your snow board taking up space? Do you really want to lug around you golf clubs in your trunk all winter? What if you need to access your spare tire? You don’t have to, because you can just rent some space to store these items until you need them again.

Seasonal Self Storage is A Perfect Solution!

Storage units are the perfect solution for seasonal sporting goods. During summer time you can easily store snow mobiles and other winter vehicles and machinery

seasonal self storage removing your car from the elements is best served by safe and secure vehicle storage

Don’t damage your car this winter!

you don’t want exposed to the elements. Once winter is over just close your account and remove your stuff for usage. The good thing is that many of these storage locations have 24/7 access or drive-up access that allows you an easy way to store and access them.

Self-storage has been growing in popularity over the years. Many storage facility owners had created some elements to their facility’s that would make them stand out from the others. So, they started making facilities climate controlled for a safer storage experience. Climate controlled self-storage is great for items like machinery and other vehicles that could be harder to start once in season again due to effects from cold or extreme heat.

Why would you want to clutter your garage with these things when it’s just going to be harder to pull out the snow blower or snow shovels?

Once fall rolls around, homeowners visit their storage units again to retrieve items for their children’s school and other items they will need for winter like jackets, scarfs and other winter proofing items.

The bottom line is…

Several people could benefit from using self-storage, but homeowners are savvy when it comes to saving space and they have their storage needs operating like a clock. They have a plan for putting away items for every season. Once they realize how cheap and affordable self-storage really is they ultimately choose to store their items on a consistent basis. Students are finding it easier to store their items close to their schools, so they don’t have to drag them home with them. I don’t blame them either, who’d want to go home for summer with books? Not me anyway… If you’re looking for a solution for storing items near Bergen County contact us today!

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