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Why Use Safe and Secure Self Storage Facilities

Why Use Safe and Secure Self Storage Facilities

Why Should You Use Safe & Secure Self Storage for Your Storage Needs?

Are you moving to a new place? Do you have plans of going on a world tour? Maybe you have simply run out of space at home and need an alternative for keeping your belongings. No matter what the situation, using a self-storage unit can definitely be a lifesaver.

The good news is that you can find a storage facility near you easily, but you need to be cautious when selecting a facility because you don’t want to hand over your assets to someone unreliable. As mentioned before, there are plenty of options you can explore when you are looking for a self-storage facility, but the best choice is Safe and Secure.

Why is it one of the ideal options for you? Why should you use Safe and Secure?

There are several reasons behind it and they are listed below:

  • Ultimate Storage Security

One of the top reasons why you should use Safe and Secure storage units is that they offer you excellent security. If you are planning to keep antique furniture or other similar valuable belongings, you want to ensure you are keeping them in a safe location from where they cannot be stolen. This service makes security of the units a priority and uses an alarm system, security guards as well as CCTV monitoring to fulfill the promise it makes with its name. You don’t have to worry about your belongings going missing.

  • Extreme Protection for Storage

Safe and Secure keeps all its storage units clean and well-maintained. Plus, you can also find climate-control units if needed and this can help you in keeping your belongings safe from getting wet and damaged. They can also stay safe from mold and other similar problems. In addition, you don’t have to worry about any pest infestations or your things being moved around. You can get some peace of mind by opting for this storage facility.

extreem protection is the main reason you should use safe and secure self storage
  • Easy Access for Self Storage

The self-storage units at Safe and Secure can be very conveniently accessed. They provide 24/7 access, which means you can get to your storage unit whenever you need.

  • Extra Space Storage

There are a number of different sized units that you can find at Safe and Secure and you can choose the size of unit that can meet your needs. Bear in mind that there is no need to opt for a bigger unit if you don’t want to store a lot of things and can pack efficiently. Also, the size of the unit will also impact the monthly rental you will have to pay.

  • Flexibility

One of the most important reasons for choosing Safe and Secure is the flexibility they have to offer to you. There are times when you realize you don’t need to use the storage unit any longer, but there are storage facilities that don’t refund the deposit or impose a penalty if you don’t give a notice or advance warning. This is not a problem with Safe and Secure as you can stop paying for it when you are done with the space.

Easy Tips to Prepare for Long-Term Storage

Easy Tips to Prepare for Long-Term Storage

Long-term self-storage is a huge advantage when you no longer have storage space left at home or are planning to move abroad. Businesses also find it a feasible option when they have extra stock to store, documents to secure or equipment to keep safe. However, it is essential to remember that both individuals and businesses alike will only be able to benefit from long-term storage if they prepare for it in the right way. Otherwise, they will only end up in destroying their belongings.

Here are some easy long-term storage tips that will help you learn what are storage units prices or How much is a storage unit a month, how to move things, etc.

These tips will also enable you to pack your valuables and save your treasures:

1.   Keep everything protected

You need to protect everything in the best way possible. Wrap things in newsprint and bubble wrap and fill the boxes with packing peanuts. Also, make sure you are just using quality cardboard boxes and not ones that split easily.

2.   Don’t use plastic bags

Yes, you might have lots of plastic bags that you can use for packing, but they can be the worst thing for putting in your belongings, especially clothes. This is because the plastic keeps the moisture inside, which can lead to mold.

saving money with long term storage options

3.   Make sure everything is clean

All the things that you are putting into storage should be cleaned properly. Scrub your appliances, wash clothing items and vacuum the furniture. Once you have cleaned everything, make sure the items have also dried up properly before you put them into storage.

4.   Disassemble

When considering long term furniture storage options, it is best for you to disassemble your furniture because this makes it easier to store and can also reduce and minimize the damage as much as possible.

5.   Hang your clothing

Lots of people make the mistake of folding their clothes when putting them in storage instead of hanging them. The problem with folding is that it can cause tears and rips when pressed together tightly and also increases the chance of mold. It is best for you to invest some money into a few wardrobe boxes that can be used for hanging your clothes.

6.   Spray wood with oil or polish

If you are planning to store wood for a long period of time, you need to make sure that a coat of oil or polish is applied onto it or else it will dry out.

7.   Make sure the boxes are labeled

Labeling the boxes should be made a priority because it makes it immensely easy to find stuff and also protect fragile items. Boxes that have fragile goods should be marked so they are handled with care. With a simple label, you can prevent accidents and it can also make it easier for you to find something without wasting your time.

With these easy tips, it can become quite simple for you to prepare your things for long-term storage. When you have seen what is the average cost of a storage unit; it is best to make the most out of the storage space you get and use it in the ideal way possible.

Here’s a Brilliant Guide to Choosing a Storage Unit

Here’s a Brilliant Guide to Choosing a Storage Unit

Storage Unit Choices – How do you make a decision.

You have decided to rent a storage unit. Obviously, it is going to come in handy because it can be used for storing a number of things that you don’t need right now or are not using, but don’t want to throw away. When you don’t have space to keep everything at home, a storage unit can turn out to be a lifesaver. However, you first need to select a storage unit as there are a number of options you will find. How big is a 10×10 storage unit? Will it be enough for keeping your things? Where is it located? There are plenty more questions you will need to ask and lots of things you need to consider.

Here are some storage tips that can be useful for you:

Do you need security?

Most people would usually consider size of the storage unit, but it is better to consider the security first. You want to opt for a facility that has implemented top notch security measures and there is no point in looking at the sizes if it is unsecure. A secure storage facility typically offers perimeter fencing, is well-lit and also uses a designated sign-in system for preventing unauthorized access. Secure facilities even have residential staff who can assist you in case of onsite problems.

What size storage unit do you need?

The next thing to consider is the size of the storage unit. How big is a 10×20 storage unit? Will it suffice? What will be the 10×20 storage unit cost? You can go in-person to check out the size of the unit in order to get an idea of how much stuff you can store. If you only have a few things to keep safe, you can always choose a smaller unit. But, if you have to store heavy items like furniture, it is best to get a spacious one so your things are not damaged. Plus, you should also think about the future and whether you may need storage space or not.

You want cleanliness and quality right?

When you are researching vehicle, household or office storage options, you need to look at the facility’s design and maintenance plan. A reputed facility will provide well-constructed and clean storage units that are aimed at protecting your belongings from the weather and pests. Some of the signs of a durable storage unit include shingled roofs, reinforced concrete walls and concrete floors.

Do you need climate controlled storage?

Fragile items such as wood furniture, documents and electronics can be damaged due to moisture and extreme temperatures. You can look for a facility offering climate controlled storage units in order to prevent mildew and mold from destroying your belongings.

Are you looking for specific storage unit prices?

Last, but not the least, price can also be an important factor when you are choosing a storage unit because not all units are priced the same. A 10×10 storage unit cost will be different than that of a 10×20 and you need to decide how much you can afford to pay. You can use a good storage unit size calculator to calculate the cost. If you only have to store junk, you can opt for cheaper options, but if your possessions are valuable, you will have to shell out money.

10x10 storage unit cost sizes and calculator

3 Uncommon Reasons to Use Self Storage Units

3 Uncommon Reasons to Use Self Storage Units

There are several reasons for storing items in self storage; some want to add additional space in their home, others their office and some need to store items in storage units for seasons. However, this isn’t all self-storage units are good for. We have compiled a list of odd uses for storage units that we’ve seen before.

Keeping Unique Items Safe

It wouldn’t be a storage unit if you weren’t using it to store items, right? Yes! However, besides storing the common items like household items, books, clothes and documents; Are you aware that there are several other things that can go into storage units most people don’t know about? Safe and Secure Self Storage has had several amazing things come through the hallways of our secure storage facility. People store motorcycles, boats, vintage bikes and other rare items. In fact, many of our storage units have been used to store vast collections too!

If you’re into reality TV or documentary dramas you may have stumbled upon a show called, “Storage Wars.” In this show you see all types of cool items coming out of storage units that are up for auction. Although we feel that this is not entirely as displayed, the truth is that people store really cool stuff inside lockers.

So below we’ve provided some unique uses for storage lockers and how they’ve been used in the past.

A Project Recording Studio for Music

Our storage unit spaces are also good for musicians. In many cases within an in-door storage facility or warehouse, it’s pretty quiet and we don’t see too many people coming daily to access their units. The acoustics of a storage unit are pretty cool if used correctly. We’ve had a few musicians have jam sessions in our storage facility.

Office/Storage Space

Business owners renting storage space to use at their home office, also occasionally happens. In today’s day and age with so many websites offering the opportunity to sell items on their platform. Many people come to us to store their items they plan to sell, until sold. Other sole proprietors like landscapers or other contractors use self-storage to store during seasonal months where it may not be as busy.  The fact is there are several uses for storage units and it’s up to you to be creative.

uncommon uses for storage units

self storage units can be used for gyms like cross fit as well

Using Storage Units for Exercise Equipment and Personal Gyms

There are tons of work out groups springing up all over the place. Some that come to mind are Cross Fit, Hot Yoga classes and Tai Chi. Some of these phenomenon that have groups of people congregating to motivate one another and build their muscles use large storage units to do it! Larger self storage units are great for fitting gym equipment and other work out paraphernalia that commonly used. Some items include weights, medicine balls, mats and many other things.

Although, Safe & Secure Self Storage would love to offer all of the things mentioned above, we probably would need to reserve our right to make sure the reasoning is a good fit for our storage facility. However, we have over a million square feet of property to see if any other of our units are a good fit. So, don’t hesitate to call.

What To Look for In Self Storage Near Bergen County

What To Look for In Self Storage Near Bergen County

What To Look for In Self Storage When Your New To Storing Items Correctly:

Safe & Secure is always attempting to educate our customers. So, we figured we would paint a picture on what to look for in self storage near Bergen county. We pride ourselves on finding new things to add to our services to better our company and the happiness of our clients. The self-storage industry is changing rapidly. Many storage unit rental companies are adding to their list of services, but what does it all mean? Back in the day were greeted with the same service, but different pricing and the customer had to weight their option based on choice rather than amenity. Now a days, storing service operators are adding different perks to their company’s services list to acquire new customers, but what are they?

The industry had a lot of perks back in the day, but with the dawning of the age of entrepreneurs and big business, they had to start getting competitive. So many new companies started adding perks to be competitive. Below are some of the services that they’ve started adding over the last 20 years.

What To Look for In Self Storage What should you look for in self storage? Why do you need storage and how can you keep your items safe?

Loading and Packing services:

This is one of our first focal points on, “what to look for in self storage.” Many find it a big hassle to pack up all of their belongings and load them into a storage unit, but within todays day and age companies have developed a service to move and store your belongings. You’ll notice that you have companies with the name ending in moving and storage. These businesses offer both moving and storing services to further bring a need to use them instead of their competitor. All together it’s a great idea to bring value to a company, am I right?

Climate Controlled Units

Climate Controlled Storage is really popular now-a-days. This is why we chose this as our second focal point on, “what to look for in self storage.” Most Items customers load into storage are valuable items on a personal level. In our experience, we’ve seen art, jewelry and many other valuable items loaded into storage that need to be protected from the elements. However, just because there’s a roof over them, doesn’t mean that they would be completely unaffected. This is in part due to condensation and mold. This is typically a concern with out-door self-storage units like drive-up self-storage. If you’re storing for a short amount of time drive-up is good, but long-term storage could prove disastrous.

Here’s a helpful link for you to learn more about what kind of storage you’ll need.

Insurance Before You Rent Units

This is a big one and hence why we chose insurance for storage units as our third focal point for, “what to look for in self storage.” Many storage unit rental businesses have stopped relying on external vendors for insurance and started underwriting their own insurance for storage units. These insurance policies are very important for the customers renting a unit. It protects their items from damage to their belongings and theft. If a storage unit rental company doesn’t make you get insurance be weary of that storage company. However, a storage company offering insurance is a great stamp of approval for most customers.

Storage Services Offering Portability?

Since 2010 we’ve seen the increase of storage companies offering portable storage. Portable storage is where a big truck drops off a pod storage unit to store your items outside your home. When you’re done loading your storage unit the truck comes to your home to pick it up. This is a great concept for customers who don’t want to brave of major highways to transport their items to their local self storage company.

Here’s a Helpful Link on Quora To Further Guide You On What To Look For In Self Storage.

In Closing: 

If you think that you’ve seen all the storage industry has to offer, you haven’t. This industry will keep evolving and innovating. Every day, companies are finding new methods of innovation to offer their customers. Safe & Secure Self Storage offers several of these superlatives. However, if you’re in search for an affordable storage solution, then you should check us out if you’re in the area, if not be sure to send us a message on our contact us page to allow us to help you find the most affordable solution.

22 Tips for Organizing A Storage Unit

22 Tips for Organizing A Storage Unit

22 Tips for Organizing A Storage Unit Properly

Storing your items in a storage unit is actually an art form in many ways. Anytime your store your items in self-storage, it’s very similar to solving a geometry equation. If you don’t store your items properly it could result in underused space and higher costs, this is why organizing a storage unit properly is very important. Many, stack items on top of one another, but fail to realize that if they don’t stack them correctly, items can topple and crush other items. This brings to light, the fact that people need to know how to properly organize their storage units.

Knowing how to organize your storage locker will also help you during the time of your storage experience to access frequently used items without having to search through the storage locker and clutter things up. Safe & Secure Self Storage decided to educate you the reader on how to save space, time and money by organizing a storage unit properly when you store your goods with us.


Without Further ado…


Here’s 22 Tips on Organizing A Storage Unit


12 Tips for Packaging Boxes Correctly

1. Organizing: Before boxing your things, make a list and assign each room that your packing to groups of boxes, then sub label them to identify what’s in them. Make sure you have the label clearly marked on the box, so you can see it when searching for it in your storage locker.

As you’re making the list, it’s good to note the estimated value of the items inside, this helps you gauge the value of the items in your storage unit for insurance that most companies make you purchase when storing with them.

2. Don’t use more than two different sizes of boxes: This allows you to stack boxes on top of one another much easier. If you watch “Storage Wars” or have ever been to a storage auction, then you’ve seen what stacking big boxes on little boxes can do. It’s important to stack smaller boxes on top of bigger boxes and to make sure that the bottom box is sturdy enough to hold any boxes on top of it.

3. Avoid dust: Make sure you put all items in boxes to avoid dust and mildew.

4. Don’t waste space: Make a good attempt to fill every box, but don’t pack a lot of heavy materials in one box. This will allow you to conserve space and avoid pulling your back out, moving it. When packing the bigger boxes, pack the heavier items first, then fill the rest with the lighter items to assure maximum space usage.

make a checklist for everything you're storing in self storage. These are just a few ways of organizing a storage units

5. Don’t Use Plastic Bags: Storing items in sealed plastic backs could seem like it’s safe, but it’s not. Storing stuff like cloths in plastic bags and other fabrics could potentially spell disaster due to mildew.

6. Pack Books Wisely: If you have a lot of books that need to be stored, store them properly. Using smaller boxes will assure you can move them easily and that they’re not being crushed by other books. Store books on their sides to assure there is no spine damage to the books while in storage.

7. Avoid a water mess: You usually only have to worry about this in an out-door storage unit, but if you’re storing in an out-door storage unit, it’s best to listen. Freezers and refrigerators should be completely de-thawed before being stored in a storage unit. Drain your washing machines completely. Then, make sure that your valuables aren’t on the floor. Lastly, ask the storage company if there have ever been any problems with flooding, especially if the storage company is located in a flood zone or close to water level.

8. Storing Fragile Items Properly: We covered this here in-depth, but to further the discussion, packing breakables in bubble wrap and tape padding onto pictures, to assure maximum safety.

9. Wardrobe Boxes are the best: When packing cloths, we suggest using wardrobe boxes where you can. You can hang the cloths inside to ensure their shape stays the same.

10. Make use of old towels and sheets: When wrapping your stuff, use old cloths and not plastic.

11. Storing Tools and Equipment Safely: When preparing metal equipment for storage, you must drain the fuel completely. (In many cases this is requested by insurance.) Giving the tools a rubdown with oil will keep them from rusting.

12. Use packing tape to seal boxes: Sealing your boxes with packing tape will help ward off dust and mold.

a picture of a cluttered storage unit. organizing a storage unit properly is very important.

DON’T LEAVE YOUR UNIT LIKE THIS! Organize a storage unit properly to avoid headaches later on.

10 Tips for Organizing A Storage Unit After Boxing is Done

1. Planning ahead: Making a plan of how you’re going to be inserting the boxes into your unit before you get started with the loading of your items will save you a lot of time in the long run.

2. Using pallets on the ground: Before loading your boxes, you may want to arrange raised pallets according to the plan you develop. This will prevent rats, ants and silverfish from building a home in the bottom of your boxes. (This usually only applies to outdoor storage.)

3. Avoiding Mildew: Don’t store wet items because wet items can cause mildew, mold and water damage.

4. Using shelves for storage: If you have shelves available, you may want to think about using them for your “storage plan.” Using shelves to store smaller items and the items you may need access to on a regular basis are a smart idea.

5. Smart Storage: Store mirrors and frames on their sides and never flat. This avoids them being crushed. It’s also good practice to wrap them in blankets.

6. Storing for best access: It’s always best to stack boxes in such a way that they can be readily accessible. If you can, make an aisle that will help you move through your storage unit to find items you’ll need throughout your storage lease.

7. Keeping the important stuff in the front: Placing boxes that contain items you may need later are best suited in areas easy to access.

8. Dismantling furniture to save space: For example, storing a table or chairs with detachable legs disassembled is the best way to maximize space. Use drawers to store small items as well. We covered this here.

organizing a storage unit effectively

9. Conserving Space: Use hollow areas of the furniture to store small items to make your unit appear less cluttered and your important items easier to find.

10. Avoid infestation: Use moisture absorbers, mothballs, and rodent bait within your unit to assure the maximum safety of your stuff.

Selecting a Safe & Secure Storage Unit for Organizing a Storage Unit Properly

One of the more important decisions is choosing the right storage facility and making sure it’s going to meet your needs. Safe & Secure Self Storage has several thousand units for anyone looking for self storage in New York City or New Jersey.

Practicing the fundamentals we have described above will assure your stuff is stored correctly, easy to access and safe for its stay and years to come.

6 Ways to Find the Best Storage Units in 2018

6 Ways to Find the Best Storage Units in 2018

6 Ways to Make Finding the Best Storage Units Easier

Many can’t stand feeling like they’re cramped up in an apartment in New York City or any apartment for that matter. While the tristate area; mainly the surrounding areas of NYC get inundated with new move-ins and an expanding population, people are always looking for best storage units for extra space. Self-Storage is always a great solution for opening more space in a very small apartment.

Safe & Secure Self Storage finds that several people make their way over the bridge from Manhattan to visit our facility for a more affordable price to store their items, than the prices of storage in New York City. While most facility’s in “The Big Apple” will quote for their bottom prices on sizes, many arrive to the surprise that their climate-controlled storage unit they were looking for is twice the price they were told. This is why they come to us. However, we know we’re a good company, but even if you don’t choose us, we want you to know how to find a better and more affordable means to finding the right storage facility in your area.

6 Ways to Find the Best Storage Units

1.     Do your due-diligence on a storage facility wisely

Prior to renting a storage unit, we suggest getting price estimates from three nearby locations, Consumer Reports Suggests. You may also want to see if they’re members of the Self-Storage Association, if they’re not it could be a red flag. Members of the Self-Storage Association are held to a higher caliber of expectations then that of those that aren’t members.

6 ways to choose the best storage units in a self-storage facility

Finding the best storage units isn’t hard, but it’s important to do your due-diligence before settling on a storage facility.

2.     Never Base Your Storage Company Options on Price

Of course, no one wants to be ripped off or price gouged, but don’t base your selection off price alone. One of the better benefits to self-storage is the ability to store your belongings in a place that is safe and secure. Don’t go for the lesser price if they’re not providing a secure storage unit that could be at risk of damage or theft. Choose a facility that’s within 30 minutes driving distance from your home. Additionally, extended hours should be offered by the facility, so you can get there outside regular business hours.

3.     Considering Environmental Circumstances

If you are located in a geographic location that has very extreme cold or hot weather or major variances in temperature, it’s important to choose a climate-controlled storage facility to store your goods. We covered climate control storage here. The issue with non-climate-controlled storage facility’s is that you’re risking your items being affected by the elements. Glass breaks in cold, wood warps in damp environments and mold can affect everything. Make sure the facility has pest control too, it makes for a more secure storage environment and your belongings will remain Safe & Secure.

4.     Insure Your Stuff

If your storing your items for safe keeping, it’s safe to say that they mean a lot to you. Don’t risk losing them in a fire or roof collapse. Many with renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance will be covered, but those who don’t have either of those should get insurance through the storage company. It’s a mandatory expense when people come to Safe & Secure Self Storage. On average a couple thousand dollars’ worth of insurance for around 10 dollars a month.

5.     Store Your Items Well

Don’t just toss your stuff in a storage locker and walk away, make sure that all fragile items are packed correctly and stored closer to the floor. Stack appropriate boxes on top of one another, don’t stack bigger boxes on top of smaller ones. Make sure your clothes and other cloth-like items inside of vacuum sealed bags or plastic bins. This helps avoid mildew or the need to wash them when they’re removed from the storage unit. We covered this here

6.     Always Make Sure You Know the Location of Your Items

If you’re using self-storage to store your items in, make sure to account for the times you’ll be coming to access your stuff. If you’re going to come frequently to access your belongings, put the items you need most in the front. This avoids you spending hours sifting through your stuff and making a mess. Label boxes as necessary to also know how to find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for stored kitchen supplies for a holiday, it’s easier to find the items by labeling the boxes.

When Should You Choose Climate Controlled Storage?

When Should You Choose Climate Controlled Storage?

What is Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate controlled storage is a storage type that provides regulated temperatures for storage units holding people’s items. The average temperature in a climate-controlled storage unit varies from about 75-85 degrees. The variances depend on the weather outside, warmer in the cold and cooler in the when it’s hot outside.

Climate control protects items from being ruined in the elements. For Instance, if you’re storing plastic and the heat exceeds 101-105, the heat has potential to melt your plastics or effect your furniture. In other words, climate control storage services protect your items and below are some of the items you may want to make sure are stored in a climate controlled environment.

What many newcomers to self-storage don’t realize is, many everyday items are at risk if they don’t store them in a climate controlled storage environment.

What Should Be Stored in A Climate Controlled Unit?

Although climate controlled units are great for all storable items, it may not be required for all of them. The question is, “what items should be stored in units with climate control?”

If you’re looking for extra storage space should you consider climate control storage?

climate controlled storage services in bergen county

What is the difference between climate controlled and non-climate-controlled storage units?

  • Climate control units are often a bit more expensive than traditional units.
  • Most climate controlled storage companies are located in-doors. Indoor storage facility’s keep the storage units themselves away from the effects of
    climate controlled storage near garfield new jersey

    Do you think your items would survive in this environment? This is why Safe & Secure offers climate controlled storage services to the northern New Jersey and Manhattan area.

    water damage from rain and snow, sleet and hale as well as extreme heat.

  • Mold and Mildew are often not an issue with climate-controlled units.
  • Most storage facility’s that offer climate control are much cleaner then those that are outdoors.
  • If the storage complex exists in a region that has various seasons, you should consider upgrading to climate control. Safe & Secure Self-Storage offers climate controlled storage units for rent.
  • If you’re looking for a specific temperature to store your items in, it’s best to call the storage facility first to find out whether they can meet your needs.

What Items Should Be Stored in A Climate Controlled Environment?

  • One-of-a-kind Items that are irreplaceable
  • Wooden Furniture that can warp or crack
  • Items containing leather
  • Paper Documents and highly valued books
  • Family heirlooms and
  • Items that are valuable or one of a kind
  • Wood furniture that can crack or warp
  • Leather furniture
  • Books or important paper documents
  • Aantique’s or family heirlooms
  • Musical instruments that can be damaged by changes in temperatures or humidity
  • Paintings or photographs
  • Clothing such as fur or leather

Ultimately, the choice is up to you, but if you’re storing items that mean a lot to you, climate control storage is the best option. Many customers that choose Safe & Secure Self Storage, find that they prefer climate control over the traditional storage services. We advise that you look into how extreme varying temperatures will affect the items you want to store.

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First Timer To Self Storage? Some Things to Consider Before You Rent a Storage Unit

First Timer To Self Storage? Some Things to Consider Before You Rent a Storage Unit

Storing Items Properly When You Rent a Storage Unit

If you’re moving, it can be tough and mentally draining. To assist in reducing the headache, many people moving across country decide to rent a storage unit to keep all of their belongings in. Additionally, this seems to be very common for people remodeling their home. The quick tips outlined below will help readers who don’t have experience-using self-storage.

Storing Beds and Couches Properly

Furniture coverings are very important when storing inside of a self storage facility. Furniture coverings protect from dust and mildew. Typically, larger furniture covers or bags can be purchased at your local self storage company. Another thing you want to watch out for when storing your furniture is the item positioning. You don’t want to store things too close to one another. It’s important to note that storing things on top of one another, over time, can cause color transference.

What Do You Do with Tables, Dressers and Chairs?

If chairs or tables aren’t easily disassembled, place a moving blanket on the floor and store your tables or chairs upside down with the legs facing up. If your chairs and tables do happen to disassemble, you should wrap each piece in plastic or bubble wrap, this prevents damage. When moving dressers into a storage unit, you can use drawers for some of your fragile items. However, we only suggest putting fragile items into your dresser drawers if you can wrap or lock your dresser drawers closed.

Make sure you use lots of bubble wrap and plastic wrap to secure the corners of every piece of furniture. Using cotton and canvas tarps help to avoid dust on the furniture. It’s important to note that using cotton or canvas coverings also help with airflow and keep saturation/condensation out of your items. Using pallets in the unit to raise the furniture off the ground is also a great idea especially in external storage types. This helps you avoid moisture and mildew too. However, a tarp on the ground will also help you avoid moisture as well.

rent a storage unit

Want to rent a storage unit? These are things you need to know when you’re looking into renting one.

More About General Storage, Lamps, T.V.’s and Other Items

It’s very important to be careful with large screen TV’s and computer towers and monitors. Temperature controlled storage units are typically the best option to protect items like electronics. Extreme temperature fluctuations can cause major issues with electronics and render them useless.

When packing up lamps, wrap them in bubble wrap or in blankets to assure their safekeeping. Place the lamp covers in bubble wrap or cotton and then put them in boxes for the best keeping practice.

Planning your move or storage event is very important when you rent a storage unit. Researching how much space you’ll actually need is very important. Renting more space then you need. This can lead to wasted dollars. There are storage calculators (here) that can guide you in the decision making process of picking which sized unit you’ll need.

If you’re looking into moving or storing at a self storage company, there are three suggestions we have for you:

  • Do you research on the size you’ll need, you can always upgrade later.
  • Research the facility and check out their reviews.
  • Pack smart, don’t just lackadaisically throw stuff in your unit.

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Storage Units for College Students and More Dorm Space…

Storage Units for College Students and More Dorm Space…

Self Storage Units for College Students Equals More Dorm Space…

Most students that live in college, live in the college dorms. However the quarters that they are provided with in the colleges are very tight. The rooms can only hold a bed, a desk and a dresser. Therefore, the college students cannot manage to accommodate all the items that they want. Personal space also ends up being pressed in a situation where students have to live with roommates. Through storage units for college students, there are various ways through which maximize the space that they have with the aim of saving space and also create more space.

An under-bed storage for shoes helps a lot in creating space. The shoe storage can be of great help in ensuring that one will manage to organize their shoes and also store them under the bed thus they will not have to squeeze the shoes in the small space available in the room.

Students should also invest in command hooks. Despite the fact that universities offer small rooms to the students, they also prohibit the students from hammering the rooms. Command hooks are, therefore, convenient for the students since they will not destroy the rooms in any way and they are also strong thus they can hold a lot of things.

Storage Units for College Students

Storage units for college students allow for more dorm space for students to study and live an uncluttered lifestyle.

Students should also ensure that they have storage boxes that are foldable. The storage boxes are perfect for the students since they can hold toiletries, snacks, and the school supplies as well. Since the boxes are compact, they can be put in the closet during the periods when they are not in use.

Students can also maximize space by making good use of their doors. Many are the times when the doors are usually closed. Therefore, students can hang their mirrors on the door or even create extra storage on the door, for example, a spot where they can hang their jackets.

Students should invest in a jewelry organizer that hangs. Therefore, that helps them organize their jewelry appropriately. It also helps the students’ preparation time shorter since it is easy for them to prepare in a situation where their jewelry is hanging next to their clothes.

Storage Units for College Students

Packing Boxes also help in the event that you’re looking for storage units for college students. However, college students should be aware that boxes will fill up empty space quick. In the event that you feel your dorm room is too cluttered then feel free to reach out to us at Safe and Secure Self Storage. We’re here to help you have a happy healthy uncluttered lifestyle.

An adhesive pin board greatly helps in maximizing space in the dorm rooms. A lot of space ends up being freed up in a situation where a desk organizer or a board is mounted on the wall. The adhesive boards are also convenient since they can hold a lot of different items.

Drawer organizers are also helpful in maximizing space in the dorm rooms. The little space available should be well organized and the drawer organizers help in ensuring that everything is well organized.

Maximizing the space is a good way through which college students can end up creating more space in their rooms. That is because the colleges cannot do much to ensure that there is enough space for the students in the rooms. The students should, therefore, invest in the ways stated above and thus they will end up having the space that they require.

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.99 for First Month or Second Month Free!

No one does it better than Safe & Secure Self Storage Garfield. Our mini storage facility is well cared for so that you can come and go with ease. Enjoy convenient facility features, including digital surveillance system. We make self-storage more accessible to the surrounding area. We have several different storage types and sizes to choose from.