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Study’s Show Seasonal Self Storage is Popular with Homeowners

Study’s Show Seasonal Self Storage is Popular with Homeowners

In many cases homeowners find it more preferable to store their items in self-storage where they don’t have to worry about their items getting in the way. Safe & Secure has looked into seasonal self storage rentals and has found that homeowners typically only store for certain months that co-align with seasons. The majority of homeowners prefer to not clutter up their attics, basements or garages so they seek out a storage facility to store their items for short to long-term storage unit rentals.

Seasonal Self Storage is More Popular in The Winter?

Our self-storage facility always sees a spike in rentals as the seasons change. Typically, towards the month of January, customers will arrive with their holiday décor to store till the holidays roll around again. Towards the beginning of winter contractors will store their tools for the winter. Other people take advantage of the seasonal discounts and they buy brand new appliances as well as other things. However, they use self-storage to store all of the older items that were replaced. Many use storage units for BBQ grills, lawn care equipment, and other things they won’t use for months. Many find that instead of letting these unneeded items take up space, they fare better being stored in a safe place. This is why they choose seasonal self storage.

When spring rolls around people will visit their storage space to switch out wardrobe and retrieving their warm weather items. This also happens in the same fashion with their sports equipment. Why keep your snow skiing gear just laying out or your snow board taking up space? Do you really want to lug around you golf clubs in your trunk all winter? What if you need to access your spare tire? You don’t have to, because you can just rent some space to store these items until you need them again.

Seasonal Self Storage is A Perfect Solution!

Storage units are the perfect solution for seasonal sporting goods. During summer time you can easily store snow mobiles and other winter vehicles and machinery

seasonal self storage removing your car from the elements is best served by safe and secure vehicle storage

Don’t damage your car this winter!

you don’t want exposed to the elements. Once winter is over just close your account and remove your stuff for usage. The good thing is that many of these storage locations have 24/7 access or drive-up access that allows you an easy way to store and access them.

Self-storage has been growing in popularity over the years. Many storage facility owners had created some elements to their facility’s that would make them stand out from the others. So, they started making facilities climate controlled for a safer storage experience. Climate controlled self-storage is great for items like machinery and other vehicles that could be harder to start once in season again due to effects from cold or extreme heat.

Why would you want to clutter your garage with these things when it’s just going to be harder to pull out the snow blower or snow shovels?

Once fall rolls around, homeowners visit their storage units again to retrieve items for their children’s school and other items they will need for winter like jackets, scarfs and other winter proofing items.

The bottom line is…

Several people could benefit from using self-storage, but homeowners are savvy when it comes to saving space and they have their storage needs operating like a clock. They have a plan for putting away items for every season. Once they realize how cheap and affordable self-storage really is they ultimately choose to store their items on a consistent basis. Students are finding it easier to store their items close to their schools, so they don’t have to drag them home with them. I don’t blame them either, who’d want to go home for summer with books? Not me anyway… If you’re looking for a solution for storing items near Bergen County contact us today!

First Timer To Self Storage? Some Things to Consider Before You Rent a Storage Unit

First Timer To Self Storage? Some Things to Consider Before You Rent a Storage Unit

Storing Items Properly When You Rent a Storage Unit

If you’re moving, it can be tough and mentally draining. To assist in reducing the headache, many people moving across country decide to rent a storage unit to keep all of their belongings in. Additionally, this seems to be very common for people remodeling their home. The quick tips outlined below will help readers who don’t have experience-using self-storage.

Storing Beds and Couches Properly

Furniture coverings are very important when storing inside of a self storage facility. Furniture coverings protect from dust and mildew. Typically, larger furniture covers or bags can be purchased at your local self storage company. Another thing you want to watch out for when storing your furniture is the item positioning. You don’t want to store things too close to one another. It’s important to note that storing things on top of one another, over time, can cause color transference.

What Do You Do with Tables, Dressers and Chairs?

If chairs or tables aren’t easily disassembled, place a moving blanket on the floor and store your tables or chairs upside down with the legs facing up. If your chairs and tables do happen to disassemble, you should wrap each piece in plastic or bubble wrap, this prevents damage. When moving dressers into a storage unit, you can use drawers for some of your fragile items. However, we only suggest putting fragile items into your dresser drawers if you can wrap or lock your dresser drawers closed.

Make sure you use lots of bubble wrap and plastic wrap to secure the corners of every piece of furniture. Using cotton and canvas tarps help to avoid dust on the furniture. It’s important to note that using cotton or canvas coverings also help with airflow and keep saturation/condensation out of your items. Using pallets in the unit to raise the furniture off the ground is also a great idea especially in external storage types. This helps you avoid moisture and mildew too. However, a tarp on the ground will also help you avoid moisture as well.

rent a storage unit

Want to rent a storage unit? These are things you need to know when you’re looking into renting one.

More About General Storage, Lamps, T.V.’s and Other Items

It’s very important to be careful with large screen TV’s and computer towers and monitors. Temperature controlled storage units are typically the best option to protect items like electronics. Extreme temperature fluctuations can cause major issues with electronics and render them useless.

When packing up lamps, wrap them in bubble wrap or in blankets to assure their safekeeping. Place the lamp covers in bubble wrap or cotton and then put them in boxes for the best keeping practice.

Planning your move or storage event is very important when you rent a storage unit. Researching how much space you’ll actually need is very important. Renting more space then you need. This can lead to wasted dollars. There are storage calculators (here) that can guide you in the decision making process of picking which sized unit you’ll need.

If you’re looking into moving or storing at a self storage company, there are three suggestions we have for you:

  • Do you research on the size you’ll need, you can always upgrade later.
  • Research the facility and check out their reviews.
  • Pack smart, don’t just lackadaisically throw stuff in your unit.

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No one does it better than Safe & Secure Self Storage Garfield. Our mini storage facility is well cared for so that you can come and go with ease. Enjoy convenient facility features, including digital surveillance system. We make self-storage more accessible to the surrounding area. We have several different storage types and sizes to choose from.

How To Use Mini Storage Units

How To Use Mini Storage Units

Using Mini Storage Units for Storing The Important Stuff

There are times when one just requires more space and thus they end up renting mini storage units. When using a storage unit one should put several factors into consideration. One of them is wrapping whatever can be wrapped. That helps in ensuring that everything is well sealed and thus they will not end up collecting dirt or even dust.

A small lock is also important when one is using mini storage units. Most of the units invest in security. However, a lock is important since the security attendants might not be paying attention at all times. Having a padlock, therefore, helps in ensuring that the items in the storage unit are well protected.

Labeling is important when using mini storage units even when one is aware of what exactly is in the storage unit. That greatly helps in ensuring that one will not have to struggle opening random boxes when looking for a certain item. Labeling also helps in ensuring that one is able to handle all the items with the care that they require.

utilizing your mini storage units space effectively this teady bear shows you how its done right

Utilizing Mini Storage Units Space

Temperature changes plans should also be made when a storage unit is being used. Some items are greatly affected by heat or even cold. Therefore, one should well insulate the items or even double insulate them to ensure that they are safe from weather changes. That, therefore, helps in protecting the items from damage that is caused by weather change.

The space provided should also be well protected. Many are the times when individuals only focus on protecting their items and they end up damaging the units. However, one should always ensure that they handle the unit appropriately and not damage it at all. That greatly helps in ensuring that one does not end up being fined for damages at the end of their tenancy.

Proper management of the mini storage units and the available space is also a factor that one should always consider. That is because even the spaces that are considered to be small can end up holding a lot of items. Therefore, one should ensure that all the items are arranged in a manner that is wise and the items can go up to the ceiling if necessary. Proper management of the mini storage space helps in ensuring that everything is arranged in order despite the fact that the space is considered to be small.

It is important to ensure that the items are kept off the floor. Many people consider this to be silly but it is a very important factor. That is because there can be spills that might come from the neighboring units or the melting snow might also end up coming under the door thus damaging the items that are in the storage room. Therefore, one should prevent that by ensuring that the items are not placed on the floor.

Considering the factors stated above helps in ensuring that the mini storage units are well used and that they are protected from any damage. It also helps in ensuring that the items in the units are well protected.

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No one does it better than Safe & Secure Self Storage Garfield. Our mini storage facility is well cared for so that you can come and go with ease. Enjoy convenient facility features, including digital surveillance system. We make self-storage more accessible to the surrounding area. We have several different storage types and sizes to choose from.

The MOST Popular Storage Sizes for Students | Storage for Students New York

The MOST Popular Storage Sizes for Students | Storage for Students New York

Storage for Students New York & New Jersey

Safe and Secure Self Storage in Garfield New Jersey has several college’s around us like Passaic County Community College, Berkeley College, The American Institute and Jersey College. Many parents are in search for storage for students New York and New Jersey prior to their summer breaks when they come home. We want the college students around us to know that we support them while they’re in the midst of their studies. So, we decided to write up an expose on the most popular storage sizes for college students.

After a poll taken by some of our staff asking 100 college students what kind of storage they used we found that 5’x5’ were favored by 30% and 5’x10’ units are favored by 26% and our 5’x15’ storage units for rent were favored by 19% with the other 25% of students saying they didn’t require storage yet…

5’x5’ and 5’x10’ storage units are the most popular among college students.

storage for students new york

Safe & Secure provides storage for students New York and New Jersey

I mean let’s be honest the standard contents of a dorm room are a desk, a desk chair, maybe a TV, bookcase, a twin bed and other belongings. However, lugging that back and forth from school to home in-between semesters is quite a task. This is why college students favor our 5’x5’ storage units. Presumably, the average college student who comes to us from Berkeley College or Passaic County Community College don’t have much more than the contents above, a 5’x5’ storage unit should be a perfect fit.

Alternatively, when we interviewed a student from Jersey College he said, “I have my own room at my frat house and need my 5’x10’ when I am going home for the summer to fit my queen mattress and bed frame as well as additional furniture and my beer pong table.” This also co-aligned with what some others told us, which was that they have much more than the contents of a typical dorm room. Many that come to Jersey College or Berkeley College, come from out of state for the primary focuses of education provided by those colleges. Storage for students in NYC can be tough, especially when it comes to cost.


Storage Prices in College Towns Fluctuate in Seasonally

We have several people come to our self-storage service center in Bergen County that go to school at N.Y.U. seeking storage for students New York, which makes sense because we’re only 15 minutes from the Holland tunnel exit. We’re also much more affordable for college students and their parents because we are not based in the city and we own our property. This affords us the opportunity to provide customers seeking mini storage options the best pricing available so close to New York City.

Although our prices for our storage units may change from time to time, you can pretty much expect a standard rate. Whereas, if you store your furniture, car or any other personal items in NYC you’re going to pay approximately 20-50% more than with us. This make our pricing more attractive when moving season comes into bloom during the spring and summer months as well as mitigates the seasonal spike in pricing.


storage for students new york city

Safe and Secure Self Storage provides storage options for college students in New York and New Jersey

Climate Controlled Storage for Students

Depending on the season some items you want to store may not stand up in the heat. So, we provide climate-controlled storage for many of our units and we have several storage sizes available for those who want to keep their personal items safe during the heat of summer. Many things that college students store in our storage lockers such as books, wooden furniture, electronics, cloths and beds are susceptible to mold and mildew. There are several options for climate control storage for students New York that can accommodate their needs. Unfortunately, the affordability factor weighs heavy in New York City.

College Students Don’t Need Every Amenity…

While some amenities like climate control are very important to consider, there are some other amenities that can add extra expenses. For Example, A college student storing items while they go home for summer won’t need 24-hour access. Also, additional services like moving and shipping may bring your total sum of expenses to an overwhelming amount. Typically, moving and shipping will cost more than a six-month rental fee of any ordinary storage company.